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Freddie Foxxx – Dreamcatcher

New Bumpy Knuckles. From his album Amerikkkan Black Man.

Bumpy Knuckles – Dreamcatcher

Produced by King Karnov of Soul Tools.

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15 Responses to “Freddie Foxxx – Dreamcatcher”

  1. cMac Says:


  2. cMac Says:

    bitch you won’t be

  3. waxx Says:

    nahright en espanol!!

  4. waxx Says:

    aw fuck.

  5. cMac Says:

    wax, tu no entiende

  6. cMac Says:

    yo correindo nahright

  7. buddyholly Says:

    Mi gente! Lets get online 877….

  8. cMac Says:


    The Wire release party here in Atlanta…


  9. cMac Says:

    ok i’m out

    Ya’ll gon hate me when I got pics wit Snoop, Chris, and Marlo


  10. $***M-ROC***$ Says:


  11. waxx Says:

    i got pics with coolio doh

  12. Shawamar Says:

    Ive been waiting on some new stuff from Foxxx. I like it, kinda different for him but I think thats what he needs to do, switch it up a little bit. Its hard to say when you have producers like Preemo, PR, etc. but he still does need better production. Some of his albums were kinda hard to listen to, and thats coming from a fan.

  13. Vee Says:

    This brother is definitely slept on! It’s good to see that Bumpy Knuckles is still going strong.

    Eskay, peep the Kanye West Graduation Remix (The Punch-You-The-Face Mix) and Wu-Tang vs Shaolin – the Fall of the Abbot

  14. Leone Says:

    Bumpy is middle-of-the road. I use him as a benchmark for other rappers. You’re either better or worse than Bumpy in my book.

  15. chimalé Says:

    dope track.

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