Video: Pacific Division – Woman Problems

These kids are out of L.A. and they’re not bad.

F.A.T. Boys ’08

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12 Responses to “Video: Pacific Division – Woman Problems”

  1. DJ Daddy Mack Says:


  2. miltee Says:

    this shit is mad tight… nice flow, nice concept, nice wordplay.. nice beat.. dudes are nice (n/h)

  3. greg Says:

    uh oh bright sneakers and boutique exclusive tees…time for all the pro-hood advocates to start hatin… come on guys let’s hear it. lets hear how you’re not down with this “lame square shit”(killa season reference) and let’s start convos on four different subjects that have nothing to do with this post…make me sick

  4. SWITCHâ„¢ Says:

    ^you read my mind sir. big ups to PD

  5. theshoelace Says:

    pac div, they gon blow.

  6. andres Says:

    that No Homo track they had a minute ago was HILAAAARIOUS

  7. mel emerpus Says:

    their blendtape was tough we need more of this and less of that——>Fat Joe

  8. mel emerpus Says:

    they remeind me of a young slum villa

  9. ian Says:

    Remind me of Little Brother (with a little Murs thrown in) – was kind of meh to me…..

  10. ian Says:

    I hear why you would say Slum but also reminds me of Little Brother (with a little Murs thrown in) – s’aight but was kind of meh to me overall…..

  11. Ty Says:

    This is my joint. I done bumped it like 50 times already 2day.

  12. clyde Says:

    i like…..i fux with Pac Division
    although Im a Big Ten kinda guy

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