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Video: FlossGenius – Zenith

I don’t know who this person is but the video is somewhat interesting.

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6 Responses to “Video: FlossGenius – Zenith”

  1. 4real Says:

    this song is terrible.

  2. Deep North Says:

    Is this the country bobby brown and sisqo going to be making?

  3. AspeQt Says:

    this guy is a corn-ball.

  4. Haqq Says:

    Niggggazz on HATEMODE

  5. real hip hop Says:

    dude show blow fuck u haters u couldnt make a song like that if u tried

  6. Emeka Says:

    The song was dope but the video was better. The whole concept of the video breaths life to the diversity of the artist, Floss Genius, and shows historical musical intelligence by collarborating hip hop with a southwestern country/blues twist, which is rarely seen anywhere let alone Arizona. Big Props to Floss–from Emeka in AZ

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