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Drop and Gimme 20

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10 Responses to “Drop and Gimme 20”

  1. buddyholly Says:


  2. buddyholly Says:


  3. Dre Says:

    eskay: where in fl are u gonna stay?

  4. RIGZ Says:

    “…Its like New York’s been soft since Jay fell off…!”

    “You gonna sat that?!?!……That’s powerful….”


  5. RIGZ Says:

    With that, I’m gone…

    Don’t shoot the messenger – He’s bulletproof!

    …Give Thanks…

  6. PHOENIXXX Says:

    the most pointless part of that DVD

    this post lost

  7. chea Says:

    i don’t write i just spit like a tooth gone

  8. embark Says:

    wtf is this and why do I care?

  9. Benhameen Says:


  10. FLIP Says:

    Wow. Budden and his broke ass friends doing push-ups. Where the fuck is eskay?

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