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Video: Colin Monroe – I Want Those Flashing Lights

Video for Colin Munroe‘s version of Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights.” Directed by Philip Sportel.

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16 Responses to “Video: Colin Monroe – I Want Those Flashing Lights”

  1. waxx Says:

    well this is an awkward first….

  2. mOsOnE Says:


  3. Paperstacker Says:

    a cop kills one of ours for doing some extra dumb shit, here comes Al Sharpton to the rescue


    Don’t get it twisted though, sometimes it’s dumb shit but a lot of times police brutality and excessive use of force happen a lot with these police. A lot of times the victims weren’t doing “dumb shit”. But co-sign though sharpton =fraud/

  4. Dee Phunk Says:

    I’m sorry, but this shit is DOPE. 75% of the people that post on here will not feel the same but whatever. I fucks w/ this. Already found the MP3.

  5. Da Says:

    dope rendition, bout to add this to my playlist, booya.

  6. dino pope Says:

    toronto whatt

  7. dino pope Says:

    also, i haven’t seen this dude’s name spelled right on nahright or kanyeunivercity. you guys just being ironic?

  8. farsideoff Says:

    smh at pitchfork and nahright switching places.

  9. AspeQt Says:

    ………this is pure dopeness. this is a hot version of an already hot track!!!

  10. Mohammed Says:

    i knew that was toronto when i seem him run up into dundas square. this is a dope track.

  11. modi Says:

    yoooo i gave my boss at idj this man’s demo about 2 years ago. and he laughed at me.

    actually i’m lying. he didn’t laugh, but he was like, we don’t have any room for this man on the roster! imagine if he was signed right about now to a major…he would be doing great work out there. his demo was like robin thicke meets justin timberlake meets canada. shrug.


  12. dameSTAtus Says:

    Can someone up the MP3, it is dopeness. Thx.

  13. jbless Says:

    not bad at all

  14. AD Says:

    IDK bout this dude’s overall catalog, but this remix is hot, and none other than Dilla (perhaps pre-posthumously) himself is at the top of this kid’s myspace friends, which means that I will check out more of his work…

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