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Busta Pleads Out, Gets Probation

Wow, I can’t believe this guy avoided jail

As you may recall, he was facing 4 seperate trails on two counts of assault, a DUI and a charge of driving with a suspended license. Now he’s looking at 3 years probation, a fine and some community service. Only in America.

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11 Responses to “Busta Pleads Out, Gets Probation”

  1. yaboy Says:

    nahright = the rap TMZ

  2. khal Says:

    actually, eskay, it should read

    “Only in America… if you got top lawyers”

    Don’t let any nigga-come-lately think they could get off like Bus did with any old defense. Aftermath must have the bomb-ass lawyers.

  3. E.B.M. Says:

    F-That. Salute to the General of the Flipmode Squad for keeping his black ass out of the Prison System. Shit I’m about to go beat up some motherf**kers right now.

    But real talk… I’m glad that he aint going upstate, i dont wish that on no black man.

    Whatever it is that he did that he is guilty of, he will pay for in due time. No deed goes unpunished.

  4. DJ Trackstar Says:

    He must have Levy.

    Wayne should holler like Marlo and get that connect…


    money talks

  6. G7 Says:

    how does he do it???

  7. The Most Misunderstood Man Says:

    Yeah, he must have the Barksdale lawyer. Money can work wonders.

    What up B-More!!!

  8. ILLAIM Says:

    Wow….only in America is right…

    I truley hope he gets his saint on for the next 3 years…..

  9. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:


    erroneous on both counts!

    -Vince Vaughn, Wedding Crashers

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