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Video: Madvillain – Accordion

From the Stones Throw 102: In Living The True Gods DVD dropping February 12.

Spotted via Wes.

(I’m slowly and steadily rebuilding my Youtube subscriptions after the Great Account Deletion of ’07.)

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11 Responses to “Video: Madvillain – Accordion”

  1. BabyDoll Says:

    BabyDoll Wuz Hea!

  2. Big Homie Says:

    back post? Damn didnt know you can do that. Must be an Eskay thing

    Babydoll its just me and you…hurry lets do the damn thing real quick before the others show up

  3. mOsOnE Says:

    This joint isnt bad.

  4. 4real Says:

    this video has been out for years now

  5. dino pope Says:

    one of my favourite DOOM tracks but this man is a fool for sending an impostor on stage when i “saw” him at rock the bells.

    fuck you mf doom!

  6. MIDI Says:


  7. farsideoff Says:

    the over/under on how long it took to make this is an hour…

  8. Blitzpro Says:

    Testing 1, 2

    *Seeing if comment is this waiting moderation*


  9. Blitz Says:


  10. fuk doomPOSTER Says:

    Many concert-goers at the masked MC’s Dec. 13 show at MJQ Concourse allege that he lip-synched his way through his set, while others insist it wasn’t him delivering the rhymes at all. The concert’s promoter even claims Doom’s associates stole his share of the door receipts….read more


  11. Nah Right » Video: Mos Def Covers Madvillain’s “Accordion” Says:

    […] Props to Xavier Ruffin. Check out the real MF DOOM doing the song here. […]

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