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Rock Arrested for Attempted Murder

Damn this sucks. I just confirmed with somebody at Duck Down that Rock of Heltah Skeltah was in fact arrested yesterday on charges of attempted murder. This couldn’t come at a worst time (not that there’s ever a good time for this sort of fuckery) with a new Heltah Skeltah project on the horizon. I hope everything works out for him.

Update: A statement from Rock’s lawyer.

Update #2: More details.

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33 Responses to “Rock Arrested for Attempted Murder”

  1. Words is Born Says:

    i hope this works out…

  2. Digital scales Says:


  3. Digital scales Says:


  4. Blitz Says:


  5. the lady of rage Says:

    god damn! I dont know whats iller. that im first again or this talented fool doin some bullshit like this. damn you rappers and your mishievious ways!

  6. yaboy Says:


  7. Digital scales Says:

    thats fucked up, ima be at the show he 18th…DUCK DOWNNNNNNNN

  8. Sean Coonery Says:

    ^Latino Guys Ethers Hip Hop…but he sounds like a White Boy from the Suburbs…

  9. yaboy Says:

    @ lady

    you aren’t first

  10. the lady of rage Says:

    aight, so I wasnt first again but damn..

    if this dude spent more time in the studio workin on that HS album and less time attempting to murder people, hed be alot better off..


  11. Digital scales Says:

    first at being forth @ rage

  12. Sean Coonery Says:

    this is for Rey…you fat fuck…when you comeback from your depression


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  14. yaboy Says:

    webbie ft. bun b – give me that (strip club classic)


    does Rock have any solo albums or mixtapes ?

  16. Willy Swagger Says:

    Yo jail time next to death gets you good promotion, anyways Ruck stayed carrying the group. OUTRO!

  17. RainerZufall Says:

    Status aint hood got another Joe Budden interview for you fanboys


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  19. rex hussla Says:

    Wasn’t Rock releasing an album through Interscope years back? I’ve got vinyl for a single with Nate Dogg & Scott Storch, but I don’t think the album ever dropped.

  20. edubbs Says:

    sucks for him, good that i dont have to worry about hearing him attempt to rap.

  21. eskay Says:

    got a nice treat for Nas stans

  22. $***M-ROC***$ Says:

    thr rook the ruck the rock man, they keep shit LOCKED DOWN….

    oddly prophetic lyrics!

  23. BK2LV Says:


  24. Paperstacker Says:

    Latino Guys Ethers Hip Hop…but he sounds like a White Boy from the Suburbs…


    That has to be a sarcastic parody of what some white people think about hip hop as a whole, theres no way that dude is serious. I mean.. seriously, dude looked like he was about to crack up saying that shit. It was too generic, dude needs more people.

  25. miltee Says:

    rock………….ness monster, is it for real it can’t be?

  26. PbNJz Says:

    WTF? Wow, this shit came straight outta left field… Anyways, not like Rockness is a stranger to jail time, but Duck Down/BCC always seemed to stray away from the street shit, and focus on music; I hope shit works out for him though.

  27. Unxpekted Says:

    FUCK NO…. Heltah Skeltah.. blah like this blah like that the Heltah the Skeltah the Gunn the Clap… FUCK MAN FREEEEE ROOOCCKKK

  28. g3n303 Says:

    well that sux

  29. KinGRex Says:

    un fuckin real…we are about to miss out on some great music if this Heltah Skeltah ish pops off…I was thinking that was wat Rock needed to get back making music…very sad

    Duck Down still gna kill em

  30. st0neface Says:

    man, tomorrow i got the wu w/o rza, followed by bcc w/o rock on friday. all selfishness aside though, i’m hoping he’s innocent.

  31. Joe Turksta Says:

    Hope this does sort itself out…. BCC are the shit.

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    […] So I just noticed that HipHopGame put up an interview with Rock on Friday. He speaks on his upcoming mixtape Shell Shocked, the new Heltah Skeltah album and talks briefly about his charge.  […]

  33. Nah Right » Rock of Heltah Skeltah = Not Guilty Says:

    […] was found not guilty of charges of attempted murder and assault. You may remember that Rock was arrested back in ’08 and accused of being a pimp and shooting a rival pimp during an argument. He […]

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