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Video: Gillie Da Kid – Get Down On The Ground

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114 Responses to “Video: Gillie Da Kid – Get Down On The Ground”

  1. Digital scales Says:


  2. hip hop cops Says:

    @ eng:

    the plot: texas farmer finds 2 million dollars at the site of a drug deal gone bad, takes the money, psycho bounty hunter goes after him, killing everyone in his path, old grizzled sheriff tracks them both

    but it’s more about existentialism and the duality of good and evil in the world. and it’s shot beautifully and especially for a brit you should see it to see what rural texas is like; it’s a world unto its own.

    def. one of the best of the year though, go see it.

  3. JayDeez Says:

    i was bangin this a few months back, this was my shit in the whip for a while.

    Just heard the Philly All Star rmx this week.. Peedi, Free, Ness, Joey Jihad, Meek, Ab, Bump J.. Its kinda decent.. like 9 min.

    *waitin’ for the hate on philly rappers to begin*

  4. Two-Times Says:

    JayDeez Says:

    Digital and Two Times… Yall both make good points, i have to agree.

    *makes a note to think before typing*

    I lost.

    Respect on that… props…

  5. Doctor of Etherization Says:

    Generic beat 36283232+ Generic flow 23924723043 + good rapper = 4 minutes of my life I’ll never get back

  6. PHOENIXXX Says:

    who the fuck is Willie

    and why would a grown man wanna be refered to as “the kid”?

    hip hop stay losing


  7. Two-Times Says:

    This song is a banger…. can’t wait until Gillie signs to G-Unit

    Gillie da Kid > Lil Wayne

    and it’s not even close…

  8. Doctor of Etherization Says:

    We got gillie the kid, willie the squid, and I think theres another willy/nilly rapper but I can’t recall his name. Niggas need to have a database of names rappers can’t use, or they need to get more creative.

  9. JayDeez Says:

    Remember… Gillie was “allegedly” writin for Wayne.. Dunno if its true but i could hear the similarities at that time.. that was when wayne went from wobbledy wobbledy to kinda bein aight.

    And Gillie killed Wayne on a couple tracks.. Wayne hardly replied.

  10. D. Billz Says:

    nation Says:

    January 10th, 2008 at 7:21 pm
    the homie Billz will like this beat

    sounds like that Pete Rock ish

    ^*nods head*

  11. Digital scales Says:

    damn i havent seen 106 and park since 50 and kayne, and i havent heard the radio since the summer. And i only listened to it cause i couldnt believe clue was on 105.1….yo did pretty ugly ever drop a album or mixtape??? he had a dope song with a crazy sample damn i was prob 14 15 when it droped

  12. QuezStyle Says:

    that shit made me slightly narcoleptic…fuckin up my sleep schedule and everything

  13. Two-Times Says:

    @ JayDeez & Dr. Ether

    you heard of G-Unit Philly?

  14. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Cheers hip hop cops. Much appreciated I’ll be watching it with my fair maiden this evening and if it’s shit she’ll have my balls and then I’ll send Perez Hilton to have yours. Big ups though fella I’m on it.

  15. chief chiefa Says:

    is it me or does this negguh look like ashy larry???


  16. D. Billz Says:

    Philly kids dancin’ > Gillie Da Kid rappin’

    Who was the Charli B’more/Stepha Lova mash-up?

    And smh @ a possible Major Figgas reunion. Ab Live need to stay in the booth with the Re-Up if he know what’s good for him.

  17. game over Says:

    phoenixxx has never heard of “billy the kid”.

    phoenixxx stay losing.

  18. FuckUPayMe618 Says:


    ^^^from one of my fav albums in the last 10years

  19. Two-Times Says:

    *** Breaking News****

    –VIDEO– TONY YAYO- Fresh Out of Court [Not Guilty] Shows off His “Fuck Me Tee”


  20. JayDeez Says:

    Who was the Charli B’more/Stepha Lova mash-up?



    >> you heard of G-Unit Philly?

    Never heard of that. You bein serious?

    And a MF reunion? anyone involved loses

  21. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    *daps 2x’s,billz,eng-rep,digscales,hiphop,dr.of.e**

  22. PHOENIXXX Says:

    the hood aint checkin for kid named billy

    or niggas named after ex-strippers with butterfly tattoos

    game over stay losing

  23. FuckUPayMe618 Says:


    ^^^im on my dipset shit today. *throws up blood sign*

  24. Doctor of Etherization Says:

    the hood aint checkin for kid named billy


    The hood don’t buy albums(c) someone on nah

    And nah 2x ain’t heard of gUnit Philly….. Just G-unit west/south.. What happened to hot rod and spider loc, have their careers been put on indefinite hold for now?

  25. Two-Times Says:


    Philly kids dancin’ > Gillie Da Kid rappin’
    And smh @ a possible Major Figgas reunion.


    damn wassup with that billz?…you don’t like Gillir or MF…
    here some old shit for ya….Classic piff…

    Dutch & East “Pop, Pop, Pop”

  26. EnglandRepresent Says:

    VIDEO– TONY YAYO- Fresh Out of Jail Shows off His “Fuck Me Tee”

    ^^Ewwwww. No homo.

  27. jay Says:

    gillie is top 5 dead or alive funny looking niggas.

  28. EnglandRepresent Says:

    *daps FuckU*

  29. Doctor of Etherization Says:


    Kimbo climbing up that ladder

  30. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    What happened to hot rod and spider loc,

    ^^^blutiful is a banger

  31. Doctor of Etherization Says:

    what up 618

  32. Two-Times Says:

    @ JayDeez & Dr. Ether

    Nah i’m serious… and they got the tats to prove it….
    check this:

    G-Unit Philly in da house…what …what!!

  33. That Man Says:

    lol @ Hot Rod’s name.

    Is he rowdy?

  34. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    I’ll beat the shit out of kimbo slice

    *Grabs Loui’ville slugger*

  35. G7 Says:

    this vid is bear cheeks

  36. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    smh @ slice haircut. That nigga look like he get his hair cut while rocking a Yamika

  37. Two-Times Says:


  38. Two-Times Says:

    What happened to hot rod and spider loc,

    ^^ sittin on the sidelines…Interscope is buggin…

  39. small eyez Says:

    SouljaBoyTell’Em YAHHH >> This Video

  40. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Whats good Two? How ya livin chiefy?

  41. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    *daps g7,smalleyes*

  42. Two-Times Says:

    EngRep….chillin homie….. what u been listenin to lately, down there?

  43. FuckUPayMe618 Says:



  44. small eyez Says:

    # FuckUPayMe618 Says:
    January 11th, 2008 at 12:11 am

    *daps g7,smalleyes*

    Peace, Bless & Life to all nahRightliens.

  45. JayDeez Says:

    Spade nice too.. but he in for life aint he? Some of them old dutch & spade mixtapes are classic.. I remember them days

    2x you wasnt lyin! I forgot though i did know Mike Knox was on G-unit. he been round for a while too. I hope Gunit Philly do its thing.

  46. Digital scales Says:

    Pretty ugly used this sample…if anybody knows the name of the song let me know…

  47. PHOENIXXX Says:

    # FuckUPayMe618 Says:
    January 11th, 2008 at 12:13 am




    fuckin memories

    back when mixtapes was still worth buying

  48. That Man Says:

    Del The Funkyhomosapien. Anyone?

  49. G7 Says:

    fupm, small eyez….salute ninjaz

  50. EnglandRepresent Says:

    daps Smally and G-Funk

  51. PHOENIXXX Says:

    I’m reminiscing right now

    anybody got that Kanye and Jigga joint Never Let Me Down?

  52. That Man Says:

    # Digital scales Says:
    January 11th, 2008 at 12:16 am

    Pretty ugly used this sample…if anybody knows the name of the song let me know…

    Ummmm…Fugue for Tinhorns right, or is this a trick question?

  53. Digital scales Says:

    Nah man, the name of the pretty ugly song that used that sample…

  54. jrock Says:

    This is trash ,this dude is a nobody in philly the white kids don’t even know who he is when this dude puts out a album like three times dope will see but this beat is so wack

  55. G7 Says:

    Eng, what’s gwanin’ down under? n/h

  56. RaYmaN Says:

    i liked this. i have to say 3:16-3:19 killed me though. rewind!

  57. That Man Says:

    My bad then, Digital

  58. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Eng, what’s gwanin’ down under? n/h

    ^^Not much chap, waitin on these next 18 minutes to go by before I can crack into a few brews. And you squire?

  59. Big Homie Says:

    What ya’ll hooligans yappin about?

  60. PHOENIXXX Says:

    I can’t stand DJ Khaled

    but you can’t front on this


    crack juice right there

  61. Two-Times Says:


    I can’t stand DJ Khaled
    but you can’t front on this


    ^^^ oh shit that his hiliaroious! lmao

  62. embark Says:

    aight aight

  63. G7 Says:

    >>^^Not much chap, waitin on these next 18 minutes to go by before I can crack into a few brews. And you squire?

    ^bout to crash black. this f#cked up weather done gave me a cold.

  64. G7 Says:


    crack juice right there

    lol + smh. Khaled saying “we the best” in Alvin’s voice set it off.

  65. PHOENIXXX Says:

    hip hop is alive tonight people

    Weezy killed this


  66. Two-Times Says:

    @ Phoenix

    LMAO @ lil wayne’s verse!

    and Baby’s shit was funny to… The Chipmunks reppin Blood….blood…blood..

    and Rick Ross!!!…hahaah

  67. embark Says:

    LMAO! that shit actually sounds much muccch better.

  68. G7 Says:


  69. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Peace be unto thee then G, get your vitamin game on point and the cold will go.

  70. embark Says:

    Yo if the G-Men dont go in this weekend, NY sports will be at an all time low. Smh @ this bullshit.

  71. PHOENIXXX Says:

    Two Times, they ethered your man


    I’m sorry bruh

  72. PHOENIXXX Says:

    NY and winning team don’t sound right in the same sentence no more

    smh @ what our teams have become

  73. cmac Says:

    post the wayne lyrics

  74. Two-Times Says:

    lol @ phoenix

  75. PHOENIXXX Says:

    i killed this post :(


  76. chea Says:

    kanye’s favorite album:


  77. chea Says:

    kanye’s favorite album:


  78. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    your man fat joe was popping shit today like he a mogul.
    this nigga made ten million max minus recording videos etc.
    but hes a mogul.
    look like yayos people is taking the fall for the “smack”

  79. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    gremlin crickets

  80. Two-Times Says:

    what up biggumskilla

  81. Choke No Joke Says:

    That joint is hard body. Dudes gonna hate cause of the Wayne beef but that joint is a hit right there.

    One love,

    Choke No Joke

  82. That Man Says:

    # chea Says:
    January 11th, 2008 at 1:49 am

    kanye’s favorite album:




    Lupe is going to have to close Kanye’s blog now for posting his songs now.

    That dude is so cold-blooded.

  83. boogie Says:

    Ima shark in the water/yea I swim with the big/so I don’t have time 2 deal wit willie the squid/lil lil lil lillipad homey/look look look at the monster man/u don’t wanna crash like lalala bamba man/flow sick so sick need a doc yess/a creature monster like the loch ness/I get hotter by the breath/fore I sizzle 2 death I just tell the clock give me a sec./I’m in the middle of a war where my enemies at/I’m running it like eric bienemy back/I hit the track I’m like a energy pack/the instruments r crying out where the sympathy at….that’s wayne in the booth with q45 on rap city gillie aiight but I doubt he wrote wayne shit remember the nigga been rapping for over 10 years but I will admit that he studied some niggas n got better just like the fruitstripe bubblegum mascot(jay-z) studied big but if go through his old shit till now u will see steady growth even from the carter 1 till now also that I feel like dying track fire cause its so out the box its like jimmi hendrix son rapping

  84. i could moderate jesus' comments if i would want to Says:

    lol… I sent kanYe those songs too. fuck your mother Lupe.

  85. BK2LV Says:

    damn east coast is silent……..

  86. $***M-ROC***$ Says:

    dammit, those alvin remixes were hilarious.

    what up nah

  87. Belize Says:

    I fuk wit this

    weezy stay losing in 08′

  88. blaze22 Says:

    You know everyone stays hating on Weezy but I think his name pops up on this blog 10 times more than any other rapper out there. Which in reality = $$$$ in his pocket. BTW, Cosign Young Buck way better off if he was off of G-Unit. I will never buy a Young Buck cd if it is coming off a G-Unit label.

  89. blaze22 Says:

    LMAO at 1:05 in that video where all those dudes have Freeway beards..

    Gillie looks like a used condom.

  90. RIGZ Says:

    If this dude REALLY used to write for Wayne (who knows?) then its sad, because now he sound like a Weezy knock-off…You should be better than whoever you’re writing for…

    Gillie was better when he used to sound like Jay

  91. SNORBORG Says:

    FAGGOT SHIT!!!!!!!

  92. Joe 88 Says:

    WoW, the video wasn’t that bad, I actually like this song, i’m shocked. His flow was on point, the beat was serious, but the “get down on the ground” part would’ve been better if it didn’t repeat itself everytime, overall the shit was fire.

    “Puts Gillie the Kid “get down on the ground” in memory bank*

    *Contemplates copping his next project*

  93. MrWillDoIt Says:

    Delivery matters folks and Gillie is a certified snooze.

    Even if he DID write for Wayne at one point, Wayne RAPS better. No passion in Gillie’s rhymes.

    FYI: Not a Wayne fan, just a truth-teller.

  94. Don chulo Says:

    Trash whats with the Million Min – Freeways cut them wack as beard people…….

  95. Joe 88 Says:

    Delivery matters folks and Gillie is a certified snooze.

    ^I thought his delivery on this joint was some of his best to date. I’m not a super gillie fan, but he goes in on this joint (pause)

  96. It'smesnitches Says:

    Dang I’m starting to really believe Gillie wrote for Lil Wayne…….sounds just like him…….

  97. It'smesnitches Says:

    Joe 88 Says:

    January 11th, 2008 at 9:39 am
    Delivery matters folks and Gillie is a certified snooze.

    ^I thought his delivery on this joint was some of his best to date. I’m not a super gillie fan, but he goes in on this joint (pause)


  98. HHF Says:

    Good morning

  99. It'smesnitches Says:

    I never knew pockets really rap……peep video


  100. Joe 88 Says:

    lol @ the video snitches posted

  101. JayDeez Says:

    Good to see some people feelin Gillie.. It aint like he killed it, flow was on point though.. You listen back to some of his old mixtapes and the Power 99 freestyles and shit. Gillie was kiiillin some.. ALL the Figgas used to have some heat..

    And as far as “all these dudes wit Freeway beards”.. and “needin to cut that shit”.. thats a philly thing. Aint nobody followin Free.

    Like Jakk Frost said “Think they seen one too many beards in the buildin”.
    Damn.. I wish he would come out.. Some dont like but Jakk one my favorites from Philly, an i think he one the few Philly rappers that have commercial appeal.

    Philly rappers = unmarketable (unfortunately)

  102. Smoove Says:

    yo, I’m feelin’ this song, and that beat is hot, good use of that sample.

    this is the guy that said he was writing wayne’s rhymes?

    if you listen to the track though, Gillie’s flow sounds very similar to one of the rhyme schemes that Wayne uses. I wonder what really went on…

  103. prophetic2g Says:

    This song is fire. That white chick look awkward. I used to rock Major Figs back in the day and they all had heat. I hope this shit pop off main stream. Gillie do look like a skinny black Butter Bean

  104. HHF Says:

    This track is quite nice…

  105. boyboy Says:

    i played this again cause i always liked gillie no matter what bullshit he gets himself into, but all i can picture now when i look at him is that “he looks like a used condom” line. that’s some funny shit yo…

  106. Richie McFly Says:

    Is it just me or is he THIS close to sounding like Weezy. I’m talking the way he flows, his lyrics, the beat, and the goddamn sound of his voice. The song is dope but listen to the way he says “MARC JACOB”..sound just like Wayne….kinda suspect..

  107. Richie McFly Says:

    ..and he look like golem

  108. kobkilla Says:

    y would wayne reply to Gillie da kid…..GILLIE DA KID….haha what u kiddn me dudes *hit ball and I ant even a wayne head (no homo)

  109. Latino Negro Says:

    This joint is nice. The sample makes me laugh. Good Track. I’m starting to see that Wayne has taken this guys M.O. and ran with it….to the bank.

  110. g3n303 Says:

    i cant do it

  111. g3n303 Says:

    ok yes i can, aside from everything when it comes out in the end this shit cheezy az hell, the vid .. and when i played this in the whip 6 months ago or so i couldent stand it, that sample is the worst idea ever made

  112. NunOtha Says:

    good look for gillie…dutch with his free spade t-shirt (major figgaz NO!)
    re-up>mf…ab-live realize this please b4 its 2late

  113. Philly76 Says:

    Response to comments: That GUnit shit fell through, not happening! Weezy is funnier looking than Gillie. Don’t forget that Wayne been around for 10 years. Ya’ll started payin attention to Wayne around Carter 1. Uh dummies, Gillie was signed to Cash Money around then, and they were somewhat tight. Gill is in his videos. The steph luva white chick is DJ Lazy K, which is a Rican!

  114. AlBundy Says:

    someone said this sounds like pete rock. lol get your hearing checked

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