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Video: Cellblock P Gets 30 More Days

Lock up your valuables, Cellblock P will be on the streets for another 30 days.

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10 Responses to “Video: Cellblock P Gets 30 More Days”

  1. Two-Times Says:

    Free P

  2. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    look what Ether did too bleek^^^^

  3. cMac Says:

    bitch i might be

  4. Joe Turksta Says:

    Cocksmoker P more like it.

  5. OneMe Says:

    Im hungry!!

  6. Mr Sarcastic Says:

    Eskay what do you have against Prodigy?

  7. game over Says:

    son needs a shirt, a fitness instructor and a tattoo removal expert

  8. the lady of rage Says:

    HAHAHA. P is my dude. but he better hope the other inmates dont catch wind of these videos. This dude stuntin with his shirt off like he brolic. Come on playboy get ya weight up. He better keep that shirt on in the bing before he get his man hood tested.

  9. lea Says:

    why didnt he turn himself having sickle cell into something positive for kids especially hip hop heads and their kids. i had a friend in high school, LOVED HIP HOP NY HIP HOP at at that (reppin the south) he was sick with sickle cell (RIP) he was a junior in HS when he passed! he had to deal with clowns (make and all) coming to visit him and just traveling with doctors. even though he got to see the world, what joy would a hip hop artist bring to someone in a hospital visit! hes OLD time to start acting like it!

  10. luis Says:

    Free P…..FUCK esGay!

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