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Mood Muzik 3: The Album Cover & Tracklist


Due out February 26.

1. Dear Diary
2. Hiatus
3. Family Reunion feat. Fabolous, Ransom & Hitchcock
4. Get No Younger feat. Ezo
5. Un4Given
6. All Of Me feat. Emanny
7. Long Way To Go feat. Mr. Probz
8. Thou Shall Not Fall
9. Ventilation
10. Warfare feat. Joell Ortiz
11. Roll Call
12. Secrets feat. Emanny
13. Send Him Our Love
14. Star Inside Of Me feat. Suzzy Q
15. Still My Hood
16. 4 Walls

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28 Responses to “Mood Muzik 3: The Album Cover & Tracklist”

  1. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    Yo eskay u got that Ja-interview when he was like “Yall want the next pac? Well he right here.lol

  2. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    looks like a mixtape cover

  3. nation Says:

    but we already know that this is going to flop, right?

  4. eskay Says:

    I’m actually gonna buy this. I was gonna buy 3.5, but I figured this would be the better value.

  5. 5star Says:

    “talk to em” aint on this on

  6. webbie352 Says:

    this will flop

  7. PHOENIXXX Says:

    good music always flops

    except for Wu Tang, that flop was expected

  8. GREAT ZEEE Says:

    This better be groceries

  9. g3n303 Says:

    yo i mean fuck the hypes already deadining down from me, i wanna hear some nickel nine or some shit, iv done played half this album out, i duno man….

  10. nyc-jxm Says:

    I am buying this i might even buy two joey is nice it’s just that no one is willing to take the time to buy an album all of this file sharing and illegal downloading is hurting dudes like joe b mainstream successful artist will get their sales regardless

  11. we stone Says:

    i smell floppery

  12. OneMe Says:

    flop here we come!!

  13. Prez Says:

    i just dont understand how they think they can profit from an album that was already released to the masses….can i head up ur marketing campaign Joey??

  14. mikeford Says:

    whats that, 1 new song?

  15. K Says:

    Whats with the mixtape tracklisting?

  16. Just.... Says:


  17. tblanx Says:

    whats the difference between this and the mood muzik that dropped with onpoint?

    is this a retail version or what?

  18. international a**hole Says:

    no killa bh?

  19. Rizeal Says:

    They can’t put KIlla BH on it cos it had the Kanye beat

  20. yaboy Says:

    ima cop

  21. dockevoc Says:

    # PHOENIXXX Says:
    January 5th, 2008 at 11:38 pm

    good music always flops

    except for Wu Tang, that flop was expected

    how can it be a flop if no one expected success?

  22. ILLAIM Says:


    If I have the mixtape….why would I by the same basicly the same thing over?

    MM3 is a great piece of art tho…and If I’ma spend $15 this is the thing to cop

  23. notts Says:

    y0o0o WTF i got the mixtape why would i buy a album with the same shit!!!

  24. somedude Says:

    Itll be fire, period. Who care if it flops? Why we all A&R now? Watchin who sell what and what not?

  25. pr0lif Says:

    “Talk To Em” isn’t on here? tight…still should be good listen

  26. Huh Says:

    Flop huh?

    Ya are sad as FUCK!

    Who cares?

    Like ya still buy albums.

    Stupid niggas I swear.

  27. imsofly Says:

    why this over the mixtape?
    no DJ on point all over the track
    profesionally mixed
    all the songs that faded out with joe still rapping will be extended (all of me)

  28. jay415 Says:

    I remember back in the day when skills spoke for you not record sales. joe is the new generation of real hip-hop its sad that record sales make the artist the mood muzik series were all classic i copped mm3 and ima cop mm3.5 . all you guys that say flop thats why hip-hop is dead.

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