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Kool G Rap ft. Haylie Duff – Rise Again

Off Half A Klip. Produced by DJ Premier.

Kool G Rap ft. Haylie Duff – Rise Again [No DJ/No Tags]

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22 Responses to “Kool G Rap ft. Haylie Duff – Rise Again”

  1. el feces loco Says:

    Coogi Rap

  2. da student Says:

    kool g rap and haylie duff!!!!…whats next jim jones and hannah montana lol

  3. Jimmy Valentime Says:

    British Commander Voice

    Haylie Duff ?

    Was G Rap trying to smash?

    Was He successful ?

  4. mo Says:

    Thats hilarys duff big sister

  5. Robbie Says:

    KGR wins again. Wasn’t this due out two months ago?

  6. Rey Says:

    No, really, Haylie Duff??

  7. jay Says:

    not even hilary but haylie duff. haha g rap is a funny fella.

  8. $***M-ROC***$ Says:

    that aint gangsta…

    *hangs head in shame*

  9. sleep Says:

    Haile duff smh a g rap tryingto crossover after like 20 years. Does hallie even know who g rap is

  10. grapfan Says:

    why ?

  11. grapfan Says:

    at least she’s not on the preemo track i guess

  12. nine fourteen get that cream Says:

    u know kool giancana hit that.

  13. edgar c. Says:

    damn…here i was thinking that shit was a joke…

    is haylie the one singin on the chorus or what?…

    that coulda been anybody on that shit and it woulda been the exact same song…

  14. Ol' Dirty Baby Jesus Says:

    He just samples her. The sample is only like two words she sings

  15. Ol' Dirty Baby Jesus Says:

    He just samples two words she says

  16. truman aka hecktic aka project boy Says:


  17. Dee Phunk Says:

    Hold up, what was that little beat right before the main joint started. Why didn’t they fuckin’ use that?!?

  18. grapfan Says:

    word up

  19. woggonwilly Says:

    haha yoo i live outside malibu but work there i see dmak around….and g rap is not hittin that…graps label owner CEO DMAK is bangin haylie..DATS HOW THE SONG GOT MADE….100

  20. Is Toronto In The House? Says:

    I didn’t think it was for real either. He’s either a genius or out of his mind, either way it’s not awful, nothing special, nothing terrible.

    But you know he hit it…and then he punched her in the face when he realized she wasn’t Hilary…

    He’s at the point where he can make whatever music he wants and he’ll still be a legend.

    I’d be really interested to see a video if they shoot one. Take Haylie out to Queens for a day, I’d pay to see that.

  21. BIG-O Says:


  22. sirdubiosnugget Says:

    I smoked a blunt with ceo dmak outside OJ’s bail hearing yesterday in Las vegas yesterday morning haha dont ask…..he said he is not dating Haylie Duff but put her on the track cuz he thinks she’s a big deal for his generation and a icon…i said white boy pass that shit cuz your gonnnnnneeeee

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