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F*ck Your Top 10 List


Seriously, who gives a shit.

There’s nothing worst then 100,000 idiots with blogs who think anybody cares what ten albums they liked this year, much less what order they would rank them in.

Kill yourselves.  

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43 Responses to “F*ck Your Top 10 List”

  1. green eyes Says:

    and a happy new year to you all too

  2. Leone Says:

    I like Lupe

  3. Joe 88 Says:


  4. Driver Says:

    that’s what i’ve been saying for years who cares about your top 10 moments, albums, trends, etc…
    shame on all the sites and all the blogs that made those ridiculous awards

  5. plug Says:



  6. lurker Says:

    fuck gay-z.

  7. wax Says:

    a nice positive post to start off 2008 I see….

  8. DrvSlow Says:

    eskay, wtf are you saying? you on drugs?

  9. bakedziti Says:

    i only did a series of top 7’s for 07. so f. off yourself

  10. Kvn Says:

    LIL WAYNE 2008

  11. waxx Says:


  12. THE-XFACTA Says:

    Who cares who what you think about their lists

  13. travelinprophet Says:

    and there is nothing worse than a blogger with 3rd grade grammer trying to make a half-ass point. This is what I mean, read the first part of your post introduction:

    “There’s nothing worst then 100,000 idiots with blogs who think anybody cares what ten albums they liked this year, much less what order they would rank them in.”

    that would be “worse” not worst dummy

    sharin in the groove

  14. nation Says:


    even more LOL because I thought there would at least be a video…

  15. Robbie Says:

    That shit is for dames, lames and flames.

  16. Flo Montana Says:

    Damn… I agree with you more everyday. What’s wrong with me??? Thanks for shouting out hiphopruckus.com. I was about to put my lists together and said fuck it… Good thing. Peace.

  17. Rey Says:

    Wow. Somebody’s mad that American Gangster wasn’t #1.

  18. 40 Inch Says:

    lmao lil wayne gonna die in 08 50 gonna kill him

  19. jay Says:

    i love top ten lists. i look to them to see if i missed anything in the year. i had to go cop evidence’s joint after seeing it on lists. still aint herd it tho.

  20. fredMS Says:

    jus cuz u did that imma post my top 20 albums of all time…….
    ATLiens- Outkast
    Illmatic – Nas
    Paid in Full- Rakim
    Cold Vein – Cannibal Ox
    Uptown Saturday Night- Camp Lo
    Operation Doomsday- MF Doom
    World Ultimate – The Nonce
    Ink is my Drink – Panacea
    Labcabincalifornia – Pharcyde
    Enta Da Stage – Black Moon
    Resurrection – Common
    Liquid Swordz- GZA
    Champion Sound- Jaylib
    3 Feet High And Rising – De La Soul
    Ready to Die- Biggie
    The Score – The Fugees
    Midnight Marauders – ATCQ
    Masters of the Universe – Binary Star
    Fantastic Vol. 2 – Slum Village
    Donuts- J Dilla

  21. Mr Sarcastic Says:

    Way to go genius blogger. Continue to kill 2008 Hopeful’s musical spirit even more. Even though the music industry is in a downward spiral. Curse these people’s souls for voicing their opinions on their favorite artists. Whereas most of you pussy bloggers only defame artists for shock value, while disrespecting every code of the street possible. Was it on this very website a HipHop legend Prodigy was called “Cellblock P” and “Trackback P?” I find this quite ironic because Prodigy was SETUP by Crooked Police. No different than Police Sicking attack doggs and sprayin firehoses on the people who fought for your sorry ass rights. Way to go Jackass!!

  22. strangelove Says:

    fuck that shit, because of top 10 lists i found my favorite album of the year

    Blu & Exile

  23. Tiro Says:

    1.The Cool
    3.Finding Forever
    4.Below The Heavens
    5.American Gangster
    6.Don’t Quit Your Day Job
    9.The Brick
    10.Free At Last

  24. Mr Sarcastic Says:

    1 Lupe sold crack
    2. Kanye closeted
    3. Common fell off
    4. Who is This?
    5. Jaz Z is making roc-A-Wear lipstick
    ……… This is all you should write because no one cares otherwise lol.

  25. Chris Says:

    Finding Forever 3?….my friend, drugs are a terrible thing

  26. Dee Phunk Says:

    I’m too lazy to do those kinds of lists. I never remember what came out the first half of the year anyway.

  27. X Says:







  28. X Says:


  29. loop ferrigno Says:

    somebody must’ve shit in your cereal this morning…lol

  30. khal Says:

    damn eskay. you wild. i feel what you’re saying but lol.

    no top 10 of the year for rtd btw. not that anyone cares.

  31. CZAR Says:

    I know you’re not sleepin’ on the “Top 10 Top 10 Lists of 2007”, are you Eskay??

  32. brandonsoderberg Says:

    Top 10 Blogs of 2007 That Aren’t That Insightful and Pretend to be it’s own thing but is basically bouncing between the pockets of XXL and Def Jam and is like, if you think about it, the fucking Perez Hilton of Rap Blogs..

    1. nahright
    2. nahright
    3. nahright
    4. nahright
    5. nahright
    6. nahright
    8. nahright
    9. nahright
    10. nahright

  33. umightbright Says:

    There’s nothing worse than a idiot blogger who doesn’t know what context to use ‘worst’ in. Kill yourself Eskay.

  34. JMack Says:


    Much respect for that one hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  35. Messiah Says:

    but isnt that why people come to blogs anyway, to see what the blogger thinks about certain things. if what u say is true and nobody cares then you might as well just start posting straight news, and save the extra comments.

  36. g@grandgood.com Says:


  37. HHF Says:

    LMAO….u a fool for that 1

  38. dizzy Says:

    There’s nothing worst then 100,000 idiots with blogs

    Oh the irony RALMO

  39. Macky Ole Says:

    F That. Top 10 lists are great, and everyone here knows it. How many of your favorites records have you discovered via someone elses Top 10 list? If you say none then you’re a lying sack of shiot. Top 10s are great. Lick it.

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  41. ElDramaKing Says:

    So why did you post this????? R you retarded seriously?

  42. ElDramaKing Says:

    TIRO- HOW DOES IT FEEL TO SUCK LUPE’S NUTS? lol That dude is the worst.

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