Video: Nas @ Hammerstein Ballroom 12/26

A couple of clips from The Little Homey’s concert at Hammerstein Ballroom last night.

MTV News has a rundown of the show and some more video.

“We shuttin’ this sh– down,” Nas said. “Marley Marl, I got so many songs in there, you pick any song, and we gonna go through it.”

With that, Marl played the beat for “Life’s a Bitch.”

Nas started to look around, as if he were expecting the track’s co-star, AZ, to come out. But sigh, there was no sign of his Brooklyn teammate from the Firm. Marl then played another record they had together, “Phone Tap,” but alas, still no A. The crowd rapped his part instead.

“Where’s AZ at?” Nas yelled, with a look of disappointment on his face.

SMH @ Nas and AZ not being able to get their shit together and appear on stage together.

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61 Responses to “Video: Nas @ Hammerstein Ballroom 12/26”

  1. 911 Says:

    Is jay still ceo of rocafella and if not what the hell does this mean for a jadakiss album. This some bullshit if that nigga wasn’t so proud he could of been had himself a digital or koch type deal…fuck a major backing niggas already know you. We still don’t have a Lox album/mixtape nothing…

  2. cMac Says:

    imma gonna dip

  3. That Man Says:

    I didn’t know she had a boyfriend so the door I pointed her to,
    I said, “Call me when you break up.”
    I don’t fuck nobody bitch who never owned a Jacob, know what time it is.”

  4. Two-Times Says:

    where Eskay at?

  5. cMac Says:


  6. Two-Times Says:

    It’s funny how Eskay posted the ad dollars spent on-line… The numbers grown so much, and every smart person new it would…I was telling Eskay from the beginning to put up a ad bar over the nahright sign on the top, and finally he listened…now he need to get more clothing/apparell ads on here….they have a high click-on rate, among these sites…and work on that radio gig…

    but i’m pissed cause Nahright numbers been down since Nov’…something gotta be done…. Nation “capo” gotta work some magic or somethin…

    but it’s all good… Infamous & Notorious Nahright….

  7. Two-Times Says:

    and something ain’t right about those Lupe numbers….

    eskay knows that too….

    is lyor followin Jay’z lead….maxin out his Best Buy card….

  8. 911 Says:

    Splinter cell…two times…niggas piggybacking off of other niggas grind.
    I went back to the basics…dallas, oh word, nah, rapup, nappy, tc, hater and few others quality over quantity. Almost like everybody is a producer/rapper…same thing with blogging. Quantity will never beat quality. Plus this new niggas have wack personalities which is sad you can make yourself whatever you want online and look how these niggas turn out…sad really.

  9. ron Says:

    “Two-Times Says:

    December 27th, 2007 at 7:10 pm
    where Eskay at?”

    still recovering from his CHRISTmas feast of camel ballsack, washed down by camel nut!!!!!!!

  10. Prophecy_Projectz Says:

    Speaking of Jay Electronica, wasnt dude suppose to put his album up for free on Christmas Day for download ( I think on his blog or myspace or something)

    Did anyone get it?

  11. Prophecy_Projectz Says:

    Man wth at the videos going down

    Anyone got a re-up?

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