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Video: Diddy’s Ciroc Vodka Ad

via Corporate Takeover

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7 Responses to “Video: Diddy’s Ciroc Vodka Ad”









  5. D. Billz Says:

    MM3 dvd > Fade to Black (except for the scene when Jay goes in on WMCIS)

  6. eskay Says:

    ^doubt it

  7. spotrusherz Says:

    buenos dias.. who cares about diddy doing commercials. i like music. im not interested in bill gates doing commercials for toothpaste either.
    also, im sick of all these coon rappers. jim jones shut the fuck up already will ya. saigon and prodigy, i love your music, but i could really give 2 flying fucks about your petty little beef. papoose you’re a good rapper but leave me alone with your stupid videos of you getting suckerpunched. uncle murda the world doesnt need to see a grown up man bragging about a street fight that you probably made up 70% of it in front of a video cam. look at joell ortiz – you ever hear him shittalk any rappers or getting in needless altercations. go to business school, start your own label, go read a book. and please dont start another wack “urban clothing line”, and if you do, please STOP with the goddamn SKULLS.
    and i really feel sorry for all you imbeciles getting all hyped about these sorry ass youtube videos. oh yeah by the way, 90% of the time, internet humor is totally lame all of the time. leave the comedy to the pros and leave me alone with your stupid joke emails forwards and youtube links and ymnts or whatever them stupid flash sites are called. its not hilarious, its either annoying or depressing or both at the same time.
    also coldplay sucks, lil wayne is sometimes dope and mostly an average rapper (but STOP HATING ON HIM all the time, its getting realllllllly old and i dont fucking care about that kiss you fucking groupie ass cocolo so stop fucking mentioning it), modern r&b is seriously the worst music ever, whatever happened to girls like minnie ripperton and roberta flack, all you skinny gold diggers have the same exact plastic voices, and last but not least buy cd’s or stop complaining about hip-hop sales going down the drain. who cares about sales anyway, rappers like boot camp dont sell shit and they still keep putting out good music so whats the goddamn problem for you?
    thanks for your attention, caraculos.

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