Video: Diddy Makes a Ciroc Vodka Ad

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8 Responses to “Video: Diddy Makes a Ciroc Vodka Ad”

  1. Astro Says:


  2. Astro Says:

    SMH @ this new post comin under the car wash post…tech probs eskay??

  3. eskay Says:

    negative, it’s by design

  4. Astro Says:

    lol aiight aiight

  5. nation Says:

    props on the BET look

    smh… you & Legend really messed up their 2006/2007

  6. Jesse as is. Says:

    lol @ nobody giving a damn about Diddy making a commercial.

  7. Mic Lowrey Says:

    7th Holla

    Diddy Does Diddy

    , Styles SHOULD get a show for that Car Wash that would be nuts, I would watch it.

  8. JERSEY Says:

    DID doin da damn thing…….cant hate

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