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Uncle Murda – Children’s Story

Uncle Murda – Children’s Story 

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15 Responses to “Uncle Murda – Children’s Story”

  1. PHOENIXXX Says:

    I just saw Slick Rick @ B. B. Kings like 2 weeks ago

    so listening to this right now officially makes this song blasphemous

  2. PHOENIXXX Says:

    Joe Budden>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g>>Auntie Murda

    *post closed*

  3. eskay Says:

    that’s how niggas get banned Phoenixxx

  4. PHOENIXXX Says:

    my bad lol

  5. It'smesnitches Says:

    U killed the Joey post for this bullshit……this should’ve been on NR lite

    Happy Birthday btw

  6. RainerZufall Says:

    get over it, Uncle Murda got more buzz than Budden.

  7. T Nelson Says:

    get over it. Uncle Murda got more wack juice than Budden

  8. T Nelson Says:

    yo Esk how much u getting paid to post all this uncle murda shyt anyway

  9. eyse Says:

    its dope but…
    how about a story.

    uncle murda is true to his game.
    bragging about gun play.

    why budden fans wanna front?

  10. baltimoreslim Says:

    Joe Budden is average @ best….Murda is buzzin hard and y’all internet thugs really don’t know shit! If Budden was so hot how is it that his ‘mixtape’ even got pushed back? Why didn’t Lyor and Kev Liles snatch him soon as Hov dropped him? Budden is not hot….only on the internet that is!

  11. spillberg Says:

    son is trash……

  12. B B Says:

    Thats that gangsta shit fuck the police music we need that Something different thens this bubble gum rap shit

  13. BobbyBoucher Says:

    New Yawk…

  14. Patrick Says:


  15. embark Says:

    To be honest, I’m happier he IS being paid to post all this uncle murda

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