Buckshot – Gangland Theme

This is the opening theme song that Buckshot recorded for the History Channel’s new series, Gangland. Duckdown officially announced the deal, as well as a content partnership with Youtube yesterday.

Buckshot – Gangland Theme

Props to Rizoh 

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16 Responses to “Buckshot – Gangland Theme”

  1. That Man Says:



    Off that new Lupe.

  2. The Truth... Says:

    ^^ Great….

  3. nation Says:

    This link has been accessed 32 times. –> 2 comments

    you do the math. I, I Get It

  4. Victory Says:


    What u think? $1600 = £800…

  5. Victory Says:


    wat u think? £800 = $1600

  6. miltee Says:

    morning nah.

    ‘my world is empty without you’… wicked track. LMFAO at Prodigy receiving a message on MSN @ 2:44.

  7. Blackwater Says:


    first time I heard Blu and I can see why y’all feel his music

  8. thehaytidream Says:

    too early

  9. Soprano Says:

    happy ludacrismas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jimmy Valentime Says:

    I was hanging out at Rafi and Dallas hip-hop party Video on my site….

  11. Plug Says:

    so far so good for HNIC2 minus finest.

  12. G7 Says:

    big tings a gwan

  13. cMac Says:

    good morning

  14. eskay Says:

    I added another track to the Ballerina P post BTW

  15. It'smesnitches Says:

    Mr. Lover Lover

  16. NetsOne Says:

    respect bro i was lookin’ fo’ this ish fo’ sum time! Gang Bangin fo’ life C.K.!!!
    B’s uup C’s down.

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