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Crooked I – Hip Hop Weekly #34

This is last week’s installment, delayed because of the holiday. Over Lil Keke’s I’m A G instrumental.

Crooked I – Hip Hop Weekly #34 

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12 Responses to “Crooked I – Hip Hop Weekly #34”

  1. snort_snortCRAZY88SINCE88 Says:




  2. landLORD Says:

    1 ?

  3. landLORD Says:

    .. how bout 4 ? …

  4. cMac Says:


    no please not me….not crooked i

  5. ARCHANGELimperial Says:


  6. cMac Says:

    i think I hate Jim Jones…based on him and his “inspiration in a movie” bullshit

  7. landLORD Says:


    … yo, whatever happened to Phuque ? … he aint even updated his site in a couple weeks … no homo, I hope dude is OK …

  8. cMac Says:

    ^^Last time I heard from him…well i had jokes.

    Rey came back, and he caught it waaaaaay worse than Phuque.

    I remember talking to phuque like last monday or something tho

  9. landLORD Says:

    … Sean Taylor, Washington Redskins got shot at his crib at about 2 this morning … critical condition … wow …

  10. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    this dude will go on forever…prob did 3 albums worth of rhymes…jeez. ha.

  11. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    what happened to Phuque???…

  12. SecondBest21 Says:

    **daps to all**

    wu could have been better. same with beans so far. but i’m just on go low, so i’ll lay off the thoughts on this one until i’m done, but it’s not looking/sounding good. i mean what’s with wyclef calling himself roc city?

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