Video: DJ Drama – 5000 Ones

Featuring T.I., Nelly, Diddy, Yung Joc, Willie the Kid, Young Jeezy & Twista.

Yung Joc has to go.

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15 Responses to “Video: DJ Drama – 5000 Ones”

  1. nation Says:

    5000 one

  2. pockets Says:

    i used to give a shit
    now i dont give a shit first
    what do i think if im not
    it sucks and it hurts

  3. deepdish Says:

    i like this little competition between these radio/mixtape DJs like felli, khaled, and drama to see how many people they can cram on their first single just to show off.

    oh, and this blows.

  4. nation Says:

    We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.

    neither is DJ Drama

  5. pockets Says:

    wtf was that second dude young joc or jeezy?? identical twins…was diddy even in the video, i think TI had more screentime than diddy

  6. PG Says:

    video doesn’t work for me.

  7. webbie352 Says:

    where’s diddy?

  8. BetOnBlack Says:


  9. BetOnBlack Says:


  10. R1ZE Says:

    Joc was better than Jeezy on this

    Lord Joc is the GOAT. Hustlenomic$ helped me get my life together and become a BO$$

  11. Ty Says:

    Why is Diddy doing the Ad-libs?????

  12. All Day Every Day Says:

    this joint is starting to grow on me but ehhhh Khlad is the bestttttttt right now…Drama lost.

  13. skeematics Says:

    Thumbs down…..

  14. She-Unit Says:

    Joc has to go? Jeezy’s verse was so shitty. Yung Joc’s verse was a poetic masterpiece compaired to the snowman

  15. DonOfDons Says:

    Song is iiiiight at best, Why is la the darkman lookin like a coon in this video?

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