Video: Curtis ft. Akon – I Still Will

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36 Responses to “Video: Curtis ft. Akon – I Still Will”

  1. Hoviehome Says:

    1STT BITCHES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    he’s still making videos for this album, huh

    Sabrina’s Baby Boy > CURTIS

  3. Hoviehome Says:

    it’s me SniTches………………CunTs

  4. cMac Says:


  5. plug Says:

    I hated this song…

  6. nation Says:

    this joint sucks but it’s alright

  7. Kvn Says:

    lol@10th single from this album. SAWRY CURTIS. Please stop.

    Bishop Lamont – Down (I’ll Still Kill OG Version) (Produced by DJ Khalil)

  9. Paperstacker Says:

    The only good single this nigga released off of curtis.

  10. 50 sucks Says:

    50 fell off. He is the new Ja Rule.
    Nobody really likes this stuff anymore do they?


    The only good single this nigga released off of curtis.
    “I Get Money” was pretty good too

    but yeah Curtis lost it took 3784986 singles for him to release a decent song

  12. State of Grace Says:

    Sounds like a goddamn cell-phone chirping.

  13. Frank White Says:

    suck my dick no homo

  14. 1swag Says:

    best 50 cent video big buget stop lieing sell crack out your mommas crib nigga.
    go buy a google stock broke niggas

  15. DJ Atrice Says:

    Whatever haters, this is hot!

  16. DTL84 Says:

    This song is nice, but the video is like a horror movie…monster in the face ass niggas (n/h)

  17. killa cam bitch who the fuck r u Says:

    seriously, g-unit is the backstreet boys of rap, khaled dissed fifty, n , turns out, he got erbody behind him, exept g-unit and mobb deep i gues LOLLLL im really tired of 50s bullshit

  18. DJ Daddy Mack Says:

    c. if he would have let i get money his 1st single, then release the remix, then this video, he MIGHT have beaten Kanye. Wheres the video for the remix tho?

  19. Marcus McFly Says:

    ^^^^^^^if he had put out better music then kanye he might have beaten him

  20. Kirk Says:

    This sounds and looks like a package he trying to sell me and I’m not buying it. Come on fifty you gon need to do a lot better in order for me to even think about buying another cd from you.

  21. StillHood Says:

    Its a pretty good cut…

    Best video from the album so far….

    Personally I think dude should release every song off this album as a single with a quality video….

    Jay-Z fake ass fronted on the I get money rmx video from what I heard..

  22. Mr.Londoner Says:

    this video is on some assassin’s creed ish

  23. STANISH Says:

    So at the very end of the video, did he kill that poor old white guy that was jogging? I BET!!!! I didn’t know he killed white people that are jogging. He’s supergangster. Only good song off of Curtis, no good videos.

  24. Soprano Says:


  25. sleep Says:

    Maybe I’m wront but is this the 7th video of this album I lost count. He played nas saying his album flopped but nas had 2 videos and sold 800,000. He had 6 or 7 videos and will probably top out @ 1,300, my opion he flopped worst than nas. Damm look @ this jay-z is on the cover of todays new york times review of his show @ the hammerstein.

  26. D. Billz Says:

    He shoulda dropped this as a single. Real talk, this is one of the best singles of the year in hip hop. Period.

  27. Korean Slap Boxer Says:

    Shit is wack

  28. Dumpin Says:

    this video is on some assassin’s creed ish

    hahahahha, videos alright, song is tight tho shoulda been the second single off the album for sure

  29. k-rob aka guy brewer Says:

    listen to you wack as suburban hatin ass kids lol.yall would not know a god rap song if it slapped yall in the face.this is a str8 banger everywhere and yall be hatin.50 outsold kanye overall so fix yo face bitches.yall say the video is wack as if yall can do better, i swear yall hate online but bump this shit in yo cribs thing yall got right was his choice of singles made him lose in US should have been ayo, i get money and this should be last.50 made wrong move in his promo and he said there was some problems.oh well he still doing his thing and g-unit album is coming so yall have alot more hate to
    where is your favorite rapper right now and when is his album dropping?

  30. Mr.White Says:

    Nobody hatin , i just dont like his fuckin album.
    I get money was the best song.
    Blabla look at all the famous artist features and the hot producers. They were all crap in my opinion.

  31. Ja Rule REMEMBER ME Says:

    Great song i got this on heavy rotation in the whip

    good video too


  32. so Says:

    best selling rapper in the world 2007 = 50 cent. keep hating

    and nas barely went gold

  33. Rsenal Says:

    song is hard straight like that. The whole album is hard. The love songs aint for me but even Pac did songs for the ladies. This straight gym -ipod- whip material right here!

  34. jersey Says:


  35. cholley brick Says:

    The one song on Curtis that makes sense to me. 50’s music is like Jazze Pha and Rosie O’Donnell havin sex: I ain’t tryin to see it OR hear it.

    Yet and still, this shit is hot grease. The nigga shoulda packaged this with about 6 or 7 remixes of “I Get It” and put out an EP instead of a whole album. I woulda copped that shit.

  36. Michael Charles Says:

    50 so solid as always – peace out to da haters – akon representin as well – music for all – MC

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