Video: Miss Info Interview with Raekwon

Rae speaks on creative and financial differences within the Wu. He says that the whole Clan wants to drop another project without RZA after 8 Diagrams.

Via Channel Three21

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59 Responses to “Video: Miss Info Interview with Raekwon”

  1. Vee Says:

    . . . sorry, mad grammatical errors.

  2. Purpose Says:

    Yo, why is he flossing (literally) during the interview. hilarious

  3. KinGRex Says:

    Rae is one of the funniest dudes around…kills me….and good look on his part for keeping it 100 about RZA…..people have been talking about him for awhile now…keep it funky RAE

  4. Ron Says:

    Rae is a funny nigga( not ha ha funny either). Ok, it seems like RZA shady, he’s the only one on top of his business. (he’s probably the only one in that group with an agent,rapping producing, business ventures, scoring films). The rest of these dust heads don’t even have good accounting of the last 10 years of their career. Their only defense is (knowhaumsayin, shit ain’t right). They should have been doing “them”. He can’t even get OB4CL “2” out. His other releases was trash. Real talk, most of the rap fans ain’t checkin for his style no more. The industry has moved on. He could keep it real and put out some shit his only fans left would like but them niggas don’t buy , they illegal download. The result is he’ll be just as broke. People not chakin for that old WU no more that was the nineties bruh. You are catalogue now. You mean you just realized in the 4th quarter this nigga RZA is cheating, get lost dummy.

  5. Mullah Says:

    After hearing “Gently Weeps”, I was skeptical. Although Rae & Ghost spit nice verses the Beatles interpolation just didn’t knock. I figured it’s only one song, Rza wants some crossover ca$h. After hearing Rae tell it how it really is I feel 8 Diagrams is doomed. I love WU but I just crossed that release date off my calender. Now I want to hear the Clan minus Rza album. Steve Rifkin need to put that out ASAP!

  6. Bronxbred Says:

    TROUBLE IN SHAOLIN!!!!!! I think this is the end of the Wu; these are not young, hungry, dudes living in the projects of Stapleton and Park Hill anymore. In the final analysis this is a gut check for the Clan, business is business…all the history in the world can’t pay a brothers bills or put food on the table. Great interview though, I respect the way Rae handled the questions, no bullshittin’, just honest, raw answers.

  7. spanish jay Says:

    another hard hitting investigative report

  8. Bob Loblaw Says:

    lololol @ “he like a hip hop hippy right now.”

  9. lazybrown Says:

    personally i blame russell crowe

    “Me and Russell jammed. He’s a better guitar player than me. I actually picked up a few tips from him. He’s so sincere with his lyrics.” Rza


    … i’d love to hear an Alchemist produced Wu album in the style of “return of the mac”

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