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American Gangster Screening w/ Pete Rosenberg

That old latino dude is classic, I want to drink a beer with him.

And here’s Rosenberg’s show from last Sunday:

Part 1 | Part 2

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12 Responses to “American Gangster Screening w/ Pete Rosenberg”

  1. cMac Says:

    that’s me

  2. cMac Says:

    not u

  3. cMac Says:

    just me

  4. cMac Says:

    still me

  5. nation Says:

    >> I want to drink a beer with him.

    … I’m sure you do …

  6. tyrone biggums Says:

    lmao @ the 50 year old lady saying t..i. could get it too

    if that had been a 50 year old man he would of been heard….” hi my name is Chris hanson with dateline nbc why don’t you have a seat “…….

  7. Mr.Londoner Says:

    lol old latino guy should get a blog stat.

    Rosenberg needs to set up a site with all his shows..

  8. Belize Says:

    >That old latino dude is classic, I want to drink a beer with him.


    HA! Weeepppa!

  9. DJ Trackstar Says:

    That Rosenberg show posted is from September…..

  10. JAY Says:

    Rosenberg do got a site with all the shows


  11. UA Says:

    The Spanish dude is a radio host for La Mega 97.9

  12. vladi Says:

    that old spanish guy is a dj from la mega 97.9 fm in nyc, he has a show on the weekends were he plays old salsa n all that crap.. my granny loves him

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