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Obie Trice – 3 Baby Daddys

Obie Trice – 3 Baby Daddys 

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45 Responses to “Obie Trice – 3 Baby Daddys”

  1. green eyes Says:

    3 baby daddies , 6 child support checks = hood rich

  2. Klive Rex Says:

    Best Song Title of 2007

  3. G7 Says:


  4. Nica Says:


  5. JBless Says:

    been waitin on some new obie

  6. G7 Says:

    this track is cool. something different.

  7. Frank White Says:

    o trice the giant, thats who i am

  8. cMac Says:


  9. G7 Says:

    *baby daddy crickets*

  10. G7 Says:

    *daps cmac*

  11. eskay Says:

    ha ha, this shit is knockin

  12. cMac Says:

    whatup seven

  13. harrydirty Says:

    dude took a bullet to the dome. get um obie. obie is shootin for father of the year ’08.

  14. cMac Says:

    yo what’s that kanye verse sound like on that remix from earlier?

  15. Tijuana Felix Says:

    am i late has anyone seen face i cant wait the diary of a crackhead on killas new myspace….dude is up to something

  16. Paperstacker Says:

    I thought Nas had the weakest verse on that joint, and I can’t lie that was prolly the weakest verse of his career IMO. That shit was worse than his verse on We Major with Kanye


    Goes to show Nas’s weakest verses are equivalent to the best verses of a alot of rappers. If a different rapper spit that, ninjas would have been liek damn he killed it, but by Nas standards it was mediore, no doubt.

  17. cMac Says:

    whatup tijuana

  18. Tijuana Felix Says:


    camrons new business venture

  19. Paperstacker Says:

    Obie = underrated.

    That cry now joint=heat.

  20. Tijuana Felix Says:

    im heading out
    halloween at college=heat

  21. eskay Says:

    >>am i late has anyone seen face i cant wait the diary of a crackhead on killas new myspace….dude is up to something

    lol, i wonder what thats about

  22. Tijuana Felix Says:

    and by heat i mean girls dressed as sluts of every profession

  23. G7 Says:

    >>halloween at college=heat


  24. Tijuana Felix Says:

    i have no idea
    killas is not like us hes a martian…

  25. G7 Says:

    >>and by heat i mean girls dressed as sluts of every profession


  26. cMac Says:

    Frank Lucas is on…BET

  27. Tijuana Felix Says:

    with regards to the females tonight im like a crab in a bucket

  28. nation Says:

    >>and by heat i mean girls dressed as sluts of every profession

    my facebook is going nuts

  29. eskay Says:

    I guess I should post it…

  30. eskay Says:


  31. Phuque Says:

    lol @ eskay

  32. Tijuana Felix Says:

    i know this isnt a rap song or nothing but its still pretty gully


    and its my theme song tonight

  33. cMac Says:

    i went trick or treating…as a chaperone. I saw such a fine ass mixed girl in these white suburbs, wearing a pirate costume…them tights were tight. I wanted to walk up in her house right then and there.

  34. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    *puts on du-rag with beads on the back*

    What up Nah

  35. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Could Obie get that fitted any lower down his peanut head? (nh)

    What up Esko?

  36. Tijuana Felix Says:

    i didnt watch that video ignore it….it comes with a huge no homo disclaimer given the the guys singing

  37. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    Financial Literacy Class Uses Rapper G-Dep As An Example Of How Not To Spend Your Money

    The squandering of a $350,000 contract by former Bad Boy rapper G-Dep was used as a prime example to show teenagers how to manage their money during a financial literacy workshop at a Queens, New York high school yesterday (October 30).

    Dep, who is well known for hit “Special Delivery” and his appearance on Diddy’s “Lets Get It”, signed a $350,000 contract to Bad Boy Records to release five albums but blew all of his money away.

    To date, he has only released one album via the label, Child Of The Ghetto, which hit shelves in 2001.

    The rapper’s fall on hard times became public when a New York Daily News article published in February revealed that that Dep had served a month in Rikers Island because he couldn’t pay $750 in bail money.

    Dep was arrested in early January after a breaking a display model mobile phone during an argument at a T-Mobile store in Manhattan.

    According to The New York Daily News, students from Queens’ Campus Magnet High School who were at the financial workshop Tuesday,were shocked to hear someone ruin their career because of poor financial planning.

    The message seemed to get across to 16-year-old Gerardo*-Suarez and Sherraine Cannon, 17.

    “Have a backup plan, don’t throw your money into one thing,” is the lesson that Gerardo *Suarez learnt from the workshop.

    “If you get money, just don’t spend it like you got everything,” said Cannon.

  38. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Whats good FuckU?

  39. G7 Says:

    *daps FUPM*

  40. Tijuana Felix Says:

    eskay i think you should enlighten the good people of nahright of mr. giles newest shenanigans

  41. FuckUPayMe618 Says:


    camrons new business venture

    ^^^lol WTF *adds vid to myspace page*

    *daps Eng Rep&G7*

  42. That Man Says:

    Hold em?

  43. EnglandRepresent Says:

    G Dep had promise too. The Special Delivery Remix was fire. Ghost killed it.

  44. RainerZufall Says:

    Killa’s new movie >>>> Jay’s AG flick

  45. DJReeg .:: Blendsetter ::. Says:

    Esk, can you post a link other than ZShare? Blocked at my office, but I can wait til I get home.

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