Foxy Brown’s Brooklyn’s Don Diva Cover

She’s really going through with this huh. Of course, it was pushed back, so now it’s dropping on Dec. 11. You should see the fucking novel of a press release that came in the e-mail with this. I’m not posting all that shit.

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    edit: brilliant*

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  3. Blackwater Says:

    new post

  4. Phuque Says:

    smh @ Dog

  5. YoRapper Says:

    haha I like the cover. Can you send me that press release? pretty please.

  6. CBS' Shomari Stone and Foxy Brown? Says:

    I found this on several blogs. It’s interesting.

    CBS 4 Anchor Shomari Stone is featured on Foxy Brown’s new album. “Brooklyn’s Don Diva.” Shomari Stone exclusively broke the Foxy Brown story in Miami in 2007. Foxy sampled his voice for the intro to her album (Track 1: “Brooklyn’s Don Diva”).

    Shomari Stone is featured saying,” Foxy Brown is escorted by her friend to an awaiting cab.”

    You can watch the full report by clicking on the internet link below. Big ups !!!

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