Cam’ron – Just Us

Cam'ron - Public Enemy Number 1

New Sh#t Off ‘Public Enemy #1’ In The Streets November 7th..

Cam’ron – Just Us

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270 Responses to “Cam’ron – Just Us”

  1. juju757 Says:

    what does cam mean when he say dirty sanchez’s ?

  2. Rey Says:

    aight ya’ll, it’s bedtime in NY.. Catch ya’ll in 10-12.


  3. Frank White Says:

    @ FW- I like some of Cam’s stuff, he’s always entertaining.. But he went from computer’s putin’ to a less-charismatic version of Come Take Me Home Cam on Glitter.. plus the beat was extra-generic.

    yeah man…i was listenin to purple haze, n that cd knocks, especially with the heatmakers n k west joints.. the last joint he did that i liked was that one over the fizzy womack beat..

  4. juju757 Says:

    dirty sanchez’s ?
    dirty sanchez’s ?
    dirty sanchez’s ?

    ^what does that mean???

  5. Cam’ron new track - Just Us | The Hip Hop Report Says:

    […] The first track is called Just Us and if you’re a Killa fan you can download this track right here, props to Eskay. […]

  6. v.i Says:


  7. alwayzambitious Says:

    embark whats up bro…

    honestly i didnt know this was sampled off the song on the sopranos… dang niggas can make a hit outta anythig.. not to say this is a hit.. but the beat is dope…

    what is all of yall problem…….. cam clearly is laying low.. this next few months will define his future….. but u know when he was dropping heat against fitty with the radio interview videos and dis songs.. yalllll were on his dick…

    granted i smh at his ignorant interview on 60 min and a few other things.. but the dude is hilarious and and the nigga can rhyme.. so cause he dont come ether hard yall gonna say he is done…

    now .. where the fuck is the support now.. damn fickle ass negroes…. cant stand with a nigga during hard times…

    im sure he his humbled.. on his dave chappelle shit.. but like i said give the nigga a chance- read: album..


  8. alwayzambitious Says:

    # Doctor of Etherization Says:
    October 31st, 2007 at 12:28 am

    Didn’t he do that like 5 years ago??? He had Kanye and Just beats then, and he put out a very good album. However you don’t hit a fluke twice.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ true i believe his talent will prevail..i hope it does.. it will be a shame if i it goes to wastte… no offense im not falling for 50’s power like that to kill a career…ja was already done.. for his gimmicky sing song hooks.. 50 aint take ja out..

    cam went through alot of mothafuckin shit year.. what u want him to do… he lost his right hand man to his enemy….. what u want him to do, act like he’s not bothered by that.. probably cant believe jim jones fickle ass

    he may need to get a new team or work hard with the rest of the diplomats..

  9. ChiMoneyXL Says:

    I swear ya’ll hate new niggaz……


    I aint feelin this too much… Glitter is much more fire.

  11. alwayzambitious Says:

    Damn yall

    I never heard of a dirty sanchez before.. after seeing one of u nahggers mention it .i curiously .reeading it up on wiki.. lets just face was shocked – the cat got killed

    That shit is DIS-GUSTING – lol

    I think that killed the track for me lol..

    God Dang Cam.. cant agre with everything he does..

  12. JBless Says:

    this is horrible

    seriously who produced this abomination??

  13. Paully walNUTS Says:

    i bet hes a sopranos fan

  14. pova Says:

    booga? shuga? He need to start doin preschool catalogs.Lol My kids would love it.

  15. chin Says:

    these tracks are good stilll.. yall jus hatin cus everyone else hatin

  16. mtls finest Says:

    it dont matter if u dudes like cams songs cuz other peeps do, plus man its cool to think of it this way… cam wrote this mixtape while he was “dissapeared”. so listen to this song , maybe he was real high, looped the sopranos end episode beat (smart shit considering the situation), and listen to the shit he sayin, it comes into context if u consider it a metafore beetween him, jim jones, 50, the dipset. i mean, cam sposed to adress the beef, n all u dudes know cam a better lyricist than any of g-unit. so why u all trippin over the song.. cam sayin somethin in this song

  17. sblizack Says:

    No Stan….

    But ya gotta to give it to Cam, when he disappeared so did Tru Lifes career.

  18. MiamiDaze Says:

    We getz Mooga.

  19. E Says:

    a lot of people say his career failed but he’s still a millionaire…

    that’s not much of a failure

  20. Tito la Rue Says:

    This song is dope… first you got the Sopranos reference with the sample. And you got Killa Cam rhymin’ about dirty sanchezes and boogahs…

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