Beans Gives Us The Solution on December 11

Beans’ new LP, The Solution, now has an official release date of December 11.

From the press release:

The Solution features R.Kelly, Scarface, Styles P, Raheem DeVaughn as well as production from The Runners, Eric Hudson (Trey Songz), newcomers Harry & Alex and Philly’s own Dre & Vidal (Usher, Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown).

Very different from his previous projects, Sigel experiments on songs like “I’m In” which shows his smooth “Lady’s Man” persona with the sample of Luther Vandross’ “Make Me a Believer.”  “Children” is a soulful Marvin Gaye rendition focusing on the problems in the community among children and their missing fathers while “The Day” produced by Dre & Vidal collaborated with Harry & Alex taps into Beanie’s rock side.  

All I know is that "What They Gonna Say To Me" joint is the hardest rap song in the world right now. But they need to pluck that R.Kelly shit off that album and bury it somewhere. Seriously.

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53 Responses to “Beans Gives Us The Solution on December 11”

  1. pmass Says:

    Rey Says:

    October 23rd, 2007 at 1:23 pm
    Word.. there are a lot of MCs that 2000 people would pay to see, even in a smaller town.


    Guess he has more internet fans than actual living/breathing/PAYING fans..

    Tour Money > Album/Mixtape/6461646461616397 Collabos Money

    He may not have lost, but he sure stays behind (ha ha no homo ha ha)

  2. tyrone biggums Says:

    land’s got some explaining to do

  3. Rey Says:

    lol @ Pmass..


    catch22 Says:

    October 23rd, 2007 at 1:25 pm
    ifux is in mexico. on vaction ghostriding the burro.



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