Video: Crooked I – Live Freestyle

At Nickelby’s in Ventura, CA.

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20 Responses to “Video: Crooked I – Live Freestyle”

  1. El Feces Loco Says:


  2. It'smesnitches Says:

    Not U

  3. El Feces Loco Says:

    One Mattingly

  4. eskay Says:

    this post is dedicated to greenie

  5. El Feces Loco Says:

    Crooked got some good weed carriers tho..dem cats know like 30 weeks of his freestyles..He went Twista on this joint tho..can’t fuck wit this one.

  6. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    holy moley yessir snitchy…sorry Iwent on break ha…but yes nice pic.

  7. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    shit gotta go back to doing some orders…ha man busy today…I’ll holla lata.

  8. El Feces Loco Says:

    SMH@ Eskay giving Greenie a box of crickets

  9. green eyes Says:

    # eskay Says:
    October 22nd, 2007 at 4:24 pm

    this post is dedicated to greenie

    ^ LMAO

  10. Sour D. Says:

    lmao @ that “Deconstructing Jay Z” video.

    Jay is a man of the people. The chosen people.

  11. eskay Says:


  12. Big Homie Says:

    smh at me thinking the light on my car meant Over Dose instead of Over Drive LMAO

  13. Big Homie Says:

    *initials of the light on my dashboard that says O/D*

  14. Sour D. Says:

    That scene of the two rabbi’s doin the Dame Dance is fuckin classic.

    It replaces the chick who thought that A.D. meant After Dinosaurs as the go-to happy thought in times of need.

  15. Sour D. Says:

    Last of all I wanna thank my connect. For this bangin L of kush that i’m takin to the neck. nh

  16. green eyes Says:

    Big Homie Says:

    smh at me thinking the light on my car meant Over Dose instead of Over Drive LMAO

    ^ wooooow.

  17. Beware Says:

    Thank you, cause that was dope…but a freestyle…nah. The HSG knows all his words…

  18. theyhaytidream Says:

    Freestyle? Nah wrong.

  19. Grrr Says:

    Last time I checked, freestyling consisted of rhyming from the top of the dome…and these bastards around him are saying the words with him.

    The fuck outta here with this bullshit. I can’t wait till DMX puts this faggot in his place. Blaaaaaat

  20. Funkdocta Says:

    I just cant understand how there are so many fucking freestyle videos with 20 other dudes up on stage singing along???? what the fuck is that?

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