New G-Unit Album Dropping in December

Curtis has announced that he’s dropping the sophomore G-Unit album, Shoot To Kill, on December 18.

I’m really surprised that he didn’t say December 4 just to be an asshole. Didn’t he mumble something about dropping everytime Def Jam has a priority? As far as I know, nothing big is scheduled for the 18, which is probably good for Boo Boo because really, who the fuck cares about a G-Unit album at this point.

In related news, the Curtis album is still not platinum after five weeks in stores. I don’t have the exact number in front of me, but it’s something pathetic like 995K.  

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82 Responses to “New G-Unit Album Dropping in December”

  1. OG Juan Says:

    smh @ 995,000 being pathetic, son sounds like a real hater

  2. Darth Cipher Says:

    why don’t 50 drop on dec. 4th???

    he afraid of the Wu merking him like Kanye haha

  3. nyquil Says:

    Can’t deny that the numbers for this album are gonna be pretty interesting to follow. The G-Unit era (Beg for Mercy) was a spin-off’a Fifty’s ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ success. Now with Fifty not even reaching platinum after several of weeks, I’m really looking forward to see how this is going to play out.

  4. Vince Says:

    man fuck tha carter III,the only reasjon im buyin this new g unit shit is 2 tie me over til bank$ new shit come out

  5. Frank White Says:

    niggas finna flop

  6. mike Says:

    curtis it’s over, stop squirming and stay still. fuckin idiot.

  7. nyquil Says:

    By the way, is Game officially out of the game now or what?

  8. AJB4 Says:

    Whoever wrote this is stupid it took your boy 10 weeks to go platinum.


  9. AJB4 Says:

    Don’t act like you don’t know who I’m talking about T.I. that T.I. vs. T.I.P. didn’t go platinum for almost 3 months.

  10. killa vam Says:

    I just luv reading all the HATE that most niggas on this site have for the UNIT. I MEAN IT’S JUST PATHETIC. You’d swear that G-Unit ain’t bangin’ and that 50 still ain’t that nigga. CORRECTION FAGGOTS AIN’T NUTHING CHANGED! 50cent’s mixtape Sabrina’s Babyboy >>>Graduation>>Kingdom Come, I mean the Unit’s mixtape is straight fire nigga. F*ck is ya’ll talking bout. HATING ASS NIGGAS IS ALL YA’LL ARE. I didn’t mind knowing that writer on this site has Jay’s dick in his mouth but now he got Jay & Kanye ‘s dick tryin to squeeze in his mouth, like gimme some more. That cock-a-fella sperm on NAHRIGHT must taste like fried chicken to you muthaf*ckers.

  11. FUCK JAY-Z Says:

    Yo is 995K not bad…are you stupid..rappers dont even go gold anymore…you dumb ass…you a dirty nigga!!!

  12. JBless Says:

    interesting, to download or not download that is the question

  13. fauwShauw Says:

    Didn’t Curtis sell more than 1 mil 2/3 weeks ago ?

  14. fauwShauw Says:

    Didn’t Curtis sell more than 1 mil 2/3 weeks ago, Internationally that is ?

  15. Damarick Says:


  16. k-rob Says:

    YOU FOOLS ARE TOOM dumb to realize, the only thing that change from b4 is that g-unit is gonna sell like the regular guys lol.
    before their sale were above and beyond and now they doing regular numbers.
    look at the artist that are out and the in the same sale bracket as g-unit (not 50) common, fab, etc and the the only person who out sold was really, kanye,TI,etc and you see these comparisons?lol
    you niggas on here are soo stupid and who is making the most tour money?go check your research.
    g-unit get the most overeseas money in hiphop.why you think they sell more outside the niggas are in a bubble and eskay know these things but he only feeding the ignorant and prey off your low IQ levels.


    man u nigga’s hate the unit. i want to hear a g-unit album hating ass nigga create a post just to hate. and since when 995k in record sales is patheic. bwoy stopp know one likes a hater. and the rest of you pop fans need to find your next britney spears. and leave this gangsta shit alone. fuck yall very much for hating it allowed me to vent own yall fake ass.

  18. Slim_D Says:

    DAmn homebwoi k-rob you fuckin right mayn….all the niggaz up in here are some haterz mayn. sorry to say that, but y’all have to stop hatin’ look in the mirror maybe you can see jealousy in ya own eyez mayn hahaha
    shoot to kill gonna be a great album, the album before “beg for mercy” has got 4 mio sales worldwide….so you can’t say “G-Unit sucks” maybe u don’t like g-unit but u can’t say g-unit sucks mayn but if are still sayin g-unit sucks then u just wrong mayn….

    and homeboy who posted that news

    it doesn’t matter if curtis has platinum or not….dawg
    dude what you need to do is to stop hatin on fiddy man…i ain’t dickridin i’m just sayin what i feeel…..

    peace yo

  19. nyquil Says:

    Honestly, making the most money in overseas tours doesn’t say shit about you as an artist. Who do you think makes out 70-80% of the 50/G-Unit audience in their European tours? 12-18 year olds who don’t know shit about the true form of hip-hop because they’ve been fed these bullshit lyrics since they’ve been young enough to listen and appreciate rap. This whole ‘gangsta-thug-i’ll-whip-ya-head-boy’-era is decaying rapidly and seeing grown men still trying to keep up a facade like that just to make money of’a bunch of kids and their parents is fucking embarrassing. Everytime anyone on this site has spoken the truth about 50 Cent and his offspring the G-Unit, the stans are quick to respond with, and this is one of my peronal favourite respones: “He’s got more money than ya’ll will ever have!”. I say fuck that. Fuck his money, fuck his mansion, fuck his cars and fuck his whole click. It’s time to look past shit like that and start thinking about something called integrity.

  20. nyquil Says:

    Dylan (from Da Band) > Lloyd Banks

  21. 40 Inch Says:

    fuckin nah right u niggaz always hate on 50 man. DAMn plz let off da haterade man fuckin fags. let da nigga do his thang. all ur broke asses could learn sumtin from him. he can buy ur fuckin mom bitches.

    thats why hiphopdx and allhiphop be at da wards and ya’ll niggaz be at home on da comp 24/7 fuckers

  22. trey Says:

    how is selling 995K pathetic?? Most other rappers would love to be able to sell that many records in 5 weeks..its definitely not what ppl would have thought he would sale due to his previous sales, but it is still good considering how hip hop has been lately

  23. nyquil Says:

    40 Inch Says:
    October 18th, 2007 at 7:02 pm
    “…all ur broke asses could learn sumtin from him. he can buy ur fuckin mom bitches”

    Point proven and like I predicted: the usual, great, intelligent response from another brainwashed, young stan.

  24. BIZ Says:

    yayo look like a ugly ass turtle.

    lloyd banks wardrobe-malfuntion. no homo

  25. complexone Says:

    faggots love to hate 50. suck it nahright!

  26. Knuckz Says:

    R.I.P. to G-Unit!! Their reign is over!!! Call it hating, but I am spitting the fact.

  27. Regal Au Says:

    OMFG Die Already Fuck G-unit And The “Curtis” Album Along With “Get Rich Or Die Trying & The Massacre” All Sucked Go Get A Real Cd By The Way Late Registration Is A Classic – Wu-Tang Nigga!

  28. Real Wit Mine~ Says:

    I can’t wait!! I seriously think that this ESKAY, nahright dude mother pays his rent!! Its like your choice in Hip Hop is really Gimmickey and Suburban..U obviously can’t relate to the HOOD What SO ever!! I only come to this blog because 4 some reaon people think U are some kind of (expert, but I beg to differ!!..just a Bandwagoner!!) But they do give U exclusives!! ( So I listen) I don’t know whats worse this Blog or that crappy XXLMAG and how they constantly DICK RIDE LIL WAYNE (Who did he have SEX With over there!!?? .But atleast U are better than Them!! But anyway!! GO 50 CENT STEAM ROLL THESE BITCH niggaz!! I just wanna know Has there ever been a MORE CONSECUTIVE RAPPER THAN 50 CENT!! FALL BACK HATERS!! ..

  29. yizzo Says:

    everybody has something bad to say about G-unit, but 50 is the only rapper who has his other artisit eatin, fuck all of ya’ll who is hatin. And u say 995k is “Pathetic” is gay. And for the Roc only two niga went plat and that Hova and Kanye plus hova never did over 5x so G-unit

  30. mukhtar Says:


  31. strategy Says:

    mann this shit is dumb, i honestly look forward to tha g-unit album cuz tha last one was killer, with that i think whoever posted this is a dumbass cuz curtis has been plat since tha 2nd week, actually it sold 2 million worldwide already, so there.

  32. diamondintherough Says:

    kanye west is a dick suckin bitch who’s flow sounds like he’s still in the 3rd grade come on 50’s from the streets and even twista said he never seen kanye on the streets in chitown so all them dick ridin muthafuckas that are hatin on 50 can go cop that stupid fuckin lil wayne shit man that bitch sucks go back to trina weezy you bitch ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg-muthafuckin unit bitch

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