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Video: Curtis – So Serious

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18 Responses to “Video: Curtis – So Serious”

  1. hip hop cops Says:

    lol how can you guys take this dude seriously

  2. Big Homie Says:


  3. I Fux Says:

    WTF? de Lorean whipping ass nigga

  4. nation Says:

    i never though i’d see the day that 50 Cent would be doing smack videos

    wasn’t he the one on Hot 97 airing cats out for going on there and flashing guns and shit

  5. Paperstacker Says:

    go away curtis, u lost

  6. BtotheJ Says:

    you lads really hate 50 hu?

    I think he’s ok, but liked him more in his ‘Gutter-Period’

  7. Mega' Says:

    This nigga is so fuckin’ wack it’s pathetic.

  8. Korean Slap Boxer Says:

    How the mighty have fallen..but hey I’d like to fall with 200 milly in the bank…fugg it

  9. Belize Says:

    My favorite track out right now…this is the fiddy I use to fuk wit ( a lil gullier would be nice)..what u think Eskay? Should the hate stop or proceed?

  10. Belize Says:

    lol @ 50 though…he could at least be on real tv? Smack is like…so 2002

  11. It'smesnitches Says:

    10 comments and none of them saying something good about fif…..damn y’all some real haters but its all good……tell me if there ever was a post about Kanye that didn’t have to do something with 50?

    This video is nice and I love the song…..

  12. Ja Rule REMEMBER ME Says:



    IT’S THA KID 50

  13. G7 Says:

    track bumps, but its too late

  14. mike Says:

    Crawl up in the corner and die Curtiss

  15. Combat Jack Says:

    I fux w Curtis but dude came of a lil silly in this jernt.

  16. theyhaytidream Says:

    Who Cares? (c) Gnarls Barkley

  17. BtotheJ Says:

    I still fux wif fifty, but he done changed ever since he came up/snitched

  18. complexone Says:

    Why dont you guys like 50 again? You liked him when GRODT came out. And dont fuckin lie. You bumped that shit for 3 months staight.

    Fuckin get off his dick, haters

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