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Papoose Off Jive Records

After all that hype about the 1.5 million deal?

No words.

Audio: Kay Slay Speaking on Pap’s release from Jive 

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39 Responses to “Papoose Off Jive Records”

  1. nation Says:


  2. Rizz Says:


  3. lurker Says:


  4. nation Says:

    good move saving that Jay post…

    is Two-Times coaching you?

  5. Rizz Says:

    does pap get any of that money? or is he gonna be back on the grind?

  6. nation Says:

    he spent it all on Geico

    good news is… he saved 15% on car insurance

  7. Rizz Says:

    he better start puttin out mixtapes again

    “paps the truth”-eskay

  8. nation Says:

    them crackas ain’t playin’ fair


  9. !Ven-Tech? Says:

    Damn! I kinda new it was a bust. Niggas should just go from the mixtape straight to Koch, at least they’ll get paid

  10. tyrone biggums Says:

    damn so basically they gave him a 1.5 million $ loan with maaaaaad interest

    getting signed is not always the smart buisness move

  11. MadeInMilwaukee....Since1979 Says:

    He’s a bum anyway

  12. FucKUPayMe618 Says:

    Pap stay wit a fitted glued to his dome. Ni66as must have a high top bald spot

  13. spanish jay Says:

    Papoose Off Jive Records
    well…after that wack single he put out what can u say?

  14. 815 Says:

    of course he fell of you dont see that many NY niggas can’t make hits today def not him

  15. lurker Says:

    bitch move

  16. Frank White Says:

    mr 1.5 million no mo homey

  17. kingJ Says:

    um…Nacirema is still good for next month right?….right? shit.

  18. G7 Says:

    huge L for Pap. smh

  19. that guy Says:

    lol…how you get dropped b4 u flopped

  20. Young Global Says:

    do people really care?

  21. Korean Slap Boxer Says:

    Pap is wack….NEXT!

  22. $***M-ROC***$ Says:

    “gettin guap” and “50 shots” were hot singles. i never really liked much else.

    “Pap stay wit a fitted glued to his dome. Ni66as must have a high top bald spot”


  23. thoreauly77 Says:

    “a sixty year old white man a&r-ing a twenty-something black mans situation”

    thats all slay had to say

  24. Tray Says:

    Good call, I’d rather hear a fucking Jae Millz album.

  25. we stone Says:

    pap is…. done!

  26. Korean Slap Boxer Says:

    Free???….JIVE was smart to not take a bigger lost by putting this wack shit out

  27. Belize Says:

    smh @ him and sia should have gone the joell ortiz route

  28. T Nelson Says:

    # that guy Says:
    September 20th, 2007 at 12:12 am

    lol…how you get dropped b4 u flopped

    true story…..Paps wack….independent that way ur mixtape following will put some money in ur pocket

  29. T Nelson Says:

    P.S. I cant wait to see the bidding war over Papoose…..(sarcasim)

  30. lurker Says:

    pap’s voice annoying as a motherfucker

  31. bear Says:

    Of course this is the necessary PR spin that comes before Papoose signs to Koch.


    Good… i didnt feel most of them joints that was being leaked anyway. Papoose is better than that.. New York needs this dude to come out with something strong, no gimmicks, and fuck all the pop shit.

  33. DennLive Says:

    Why even sign with Jive after seeing what Clipse went through…Seeing that Pharell doesnt even wanna do a track for any of their artists….why would a Papoose album (especially a Pap album) be any different.

  34. e-dubbs Says:

    s.. told you son, dude was a waste of money.. “somebody getting fired @ jive for this deal” -me, right when the deal was announced.. called it.


    Pap buzz iz lost so he was in a tuff spot but if u can get a deal after being fu*ked up all ya life the average artist wood care it the label name was rappin u records and da sample was a dude wit his @ss hole riped out most wood sign just thinkin it may not be them I live in n.y. And most of us dream of livin big so if the right thing comes why not try it

  36. Knuckz Says:

    Papoose is overated!! Annoying voice with all those damn punchlines and shit. He was not going spark much interest anyway. All of these mixtape neeahs need to stick to mixtapes. Jae Hood is more tolerable, but he wasted his career as D-Block’s hypeman. No album to show for it.

  37. k-rob Says:

    i think pap is heading to g-unit along with j-hood, just got a feeling something is in the works.
    saigon, pap, uncle murda and the rest of these dudes even west coast with bishop, g-malone, crooked etc.these guys simply came at the wromg time, hiphop has more critics than “at the movies”.to make a impact you must be better than the best and these guys simply dont have it.hiphop is still in trouble 50/kanye helped but that was a temporay fix. artist need more than lyrical skills to sell we know that, you need character, story, charisma, attitude and much more to appeal to the masses.recoed companies aint givin good deals no more, more like ringtone deals

  38. RealListener Says:

    I’m a South nigga. But it seems that its an industry conspiracy to cripple the upcoming New York rappers (Saigon, Paposse, etc) b4 they ever officially hit BET. Or maybe the industry execs KNOW that these guys are lyrically nice but commercially deficient. At least give these NYC cats the chance at success. Hell, they invented this rap shyt.

  39. Law Library Pt. 4 « weapons of mass distraction Says:

    […] Ever since Pap got released from his contract over at Jive Records, I’ve actually been looking out for his new shit. Although those Dr. Dre produced, Busta Rhymes featured songs were ass, and Fitted Hat Low was the failed Air Force Ones of 2007… I feel like this is gonna be some 50 Shots, a change is gonna come type music. Think about it, he only made those travesties because he had Jive breathing down his neck. Now that he doesn’t need to be so marketable anymore, he must be back on his shit… which is what everyone is tryna hear. And i’m sure he’s pushing out songs like crazy to make up for lost time, and Kay Slay must be schooling him, again, on what to make. I’m definitely feeling this 4th installment to Law Library. I always do, even though I feel like the concept is kinda bait. Papoose also has a trifecta of new songs on his Myspace page. […]

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