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Video: Cassidy Rap City Freestyle 9/10

Some of the audio is fucked up and they used these funny cartoon sound effects to censor out all the curses.

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13 Responses to “Video: Cassidy Rap City Freestyle 9/10”

  1. nation Says:

    somebody should take clips of everything 50 said… like Kanye isn’t competition or that he’ll retire and put it on Youtube

  2. nation Says:

    k first

  3. nation Says:


  4. woodro ThE sPERM dONER Says:

    4th 2 hours later lolll

  5. Paperstacker Says:

    Cass is getting back to his old self, still aint as sharp with the punchlines, but dudes wanna act like he wasnt a beast when he was killing the mixtape freestyle game.

  6. DTL Says:

    been waitin for this…too bad a third of it is missing…

  7. Siggy Says:


  8. Small Eyez Says:

    cass verse wayne.

    A true Battle Worth seeing.

    I think that Last Joint you posted Es is Cassidy Throwin Shots at Wayne’s Style Diss.

  9. louiefuse Says:

    that boy cassidy is ill!

  10. RazLDN Says:

    u kno what, cass is sick………when i see him spit, u kno what it reminds me of, dat kid frm philly, Reed Dollaz, they got a similar flow and style when they spit. Cas is levels above him tho.

  11. Phuque Says:

    that was ill.

  12. we stone Says:

    cass verse wayne.

    A true Battle Worth seeing.

    cass vs wayne? psh, it aint worth it. you know cass will lay it down. wayne dont battle man. whens the last time you’ve seen him on that shit? never

  13. Korean Slap Boxer Says:

    I don’t like either but Cass would roast Lil’ Wayne. People give him props like you would little kids in the special olympics. They’re good based on nothing but there competition. Only difference is Wayne get’s to play with the big boys (no homo)

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