Raekwon Interview @ XXLMag.com

We just threw up an interesting Raekwon interview over at the XXL site. He makes at least 3 references to fellatio while discussing 8 Diagrams, OB4CL2 and his relationship with Ghost.

You ain’t always gotta eat marble cake. Eat a fuckin’ lemon cake or a pineapple cake and cool out.

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62 Responses to “Raekwon Interview @ XXLMag.com”

  1. SmackJackTheCrackaMan Says:

    Rey Says:

    September 5th, 2007 at 11:58 am
    Best Song on 36 Chambers. GO!

    (I say Mystery of Chessboxin’)


    Protect Ya Neck or CREAM

  2. T Nelson Says:

    @ Billz

    i feel u the pussy def slowed me up from what i was supposed to be doing….but i miss that shy i wish i couldve stayed in college forever….the real world shyt aint fair…….I did do one class at TU registration was mad easy….plus i know this stripper chic that goes to TU thats mad kool thicker than a plate of pancakes with extra syrup

  3. nation Says:

    >> YO anybody going to sob’s tonight sean price skyzoo and a couple other people gon be there(forgets)

    Sean Price and Skyzoo?

    *walks to SOB’s*

  4. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    Now I could let these dream killers kill my self-esteem
    Or use my arrogance as the steam to power my dreams
    I use it as my gas, so they say that I’m gassed
    But without it I’d be last, so I ought to laugh

    So I don’t listen to the suits behind the desk no more
    You niggaz wear suits ’cause you can’t dress no more
    You can’t say shit to Kanye West no more
    I rocked 20,000 people, I was just on tour, nigga

    ***Who are you quoting, there? (c) Random bamma who has no reading comprehension skills

  5. woodro ThE sPERM dONER Says:

    from the slums of shaolin/wu-tang strikes again..The Rza the Gza Ol Dirt Basterd,Inspecta deck, Raekwon the Chef, U God ,Ghostface Killah and M-E-T-H-O-D MAN!!

  6. Rey Says:

    Peace Billz..

    Word Ike, I hear you.. I went to a lil’ ass community college and they fucked my money up f’real f’real.. I haven’t been back since. Fuck them.

    PYN was good.. METHOD Man was the first I heard them.. SMH @ Me.. When I first saw the Method Man/PYN single I pictured a bunch of Chinese kids in hoodies rapping. Like Da Youngstas, only Chinese.

  7. Rey Says:

    @ Busta– I was gonna say Cream, but there’s only Rae and Deck on that one.

  8. T Nelson Says:

    best 36 chambers joint “Can it be all simple” its some real chill shyt but it still got that gritty sound to it

  9. Rey Says:

    Pew Nost

  10. cocca88crazy88since88 Says:


    (88 sees Greeny)

    *pushes darkie off lap*

    *walks t’wards greeny*


  11. $***M-ROC***$ Says:

    “Rey Says:

    September 5th, 2007 at 11:58 am
    Best Song on 36 Chambers. GO!”

    man, that’s a tough one….i’ll go with “aint nuttin ta fuck wit”, that beat is/was on some other OTHER shit.

  12. MiamiDaze Says:

    Rae needs to chill with that “Nah, my mouth is too little to suck dick, pa”……(A forever Pause) I guess the plantation has little censorship.

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