Kanye ft. Weezy & Busta – Can’t Tell Me Nothin’

During the listening session, Kanye mentioned that him and Wayne both layed their Barry Bonds verses without having heard what the other had already recorded. I was listening to it last night and you can really tell by the way Kanye completely fucking murked Wayne on that shit. Wayne probably realized the same thing, because he goes in a little harder on this one.

Kanye West ft. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes – Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ Remix 

Props to Rahman for the pic

UPDATE: MTV video of the listening session 

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202 Responses to “Kanye ft. Weezy & Busta – Can’t Tell Me Nothin’”

  1. Game Over Says:

    Ras Kass used a variation of that UCLA punchline ten years ago.

    Wayne is criminally overrated.

  2. Game Over Says:

    btw, Ye murked both Wayne and Busta on this.

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