Video: Common Nissan Live Sets Freestyle

When promoting an album:

4 minutes off the head live > costly videos and publicity stunts

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106 Responses to “Video: Common Nissan Live Sets Freestyle”

  1. Purpose Says:

    BE is better than Resurrection

    Bitch is yoo is not on resurrection. And resurrection is an album, not the “I used to love her” packaging. As great as that song is, it carry that album past BE.

    Com grew into BE. that shit can actually happen. People can make better music as they get older. I love how folks are always like the first shit was the best. As though the processes of growth and education do not exist.

    I will take it one step further. While Nas’ best album is still Illmatic, Jay’s best album may not be Reasonable doubt. There is something to be said for a person actually growing and learning who they are. It is great when your whole album is not rocks, hoes, and asses.

  2. EnglandRepresent Says:

    ERep comin through on a Saturday? Nahright?

    Common kills this. Gonna dl the joint right now.


  3. nation Says:

    >> 7/8/81 snitches

    weezy baby, 80’s baby… back when heroin was crazy baby

    it’s the C to the O double M, O-N… i sit and think with a drink about how I’m gonna win

  4. boomerfb86 Says:

    common that truth

  5. nation Says:

    Jay-Z > your meaningless lives

    I, I Get It

  6. nation Says:

    eskay that FULL version doesn’t work… here’s the good version

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