Jay-Z Interview with Angie 8/3

Part one

Part two

Part three 

Part four 

Full interview in one mp3  

Props to King Allister! 

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156 Responses to “Jay-Z Interview with Angie 8/3”

  1. Craptacular Says:

    you can’t triple stamp a double stamp!

  2. El Barrio NYC Says:

    Jay, a personable person. He’s getting old and I haven’t heard HEAT for a minute, I’m not Paying attention to watch him shoot jumpers at the gyme. I’m waiting for the Streets back.

    Wayne isnt repping the northeast, or NYC.. I’m waitin on you if you out there.

  3. NoMamesBuey Says:

    some dude said “bonified classic”


    next time write “bona fide”

  4. NoMamesBuey Says:

    yo, I recall when KC dropped in Q4 06, Jay & all his stans like XXL’s douche YN, Funk Flex, etc were all saying “Jay is taking over the game” etc.

    Now Jay himself, one of the most arrogant dudes ever rap or otherwise, not even 1 yr later, says “he’s not a ‘now’ artist”. Damn son the Jay haters should have a field day with that 1 saying “Jay lost” & whatever cliche sayings they use, LOL.

  5. truthful Says:

    Canibus would lyrically murder jay-z.

  6. nation Says:

    eskay that FULL version doesn’t work… here’s the good version


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