Curtis Can’t Get Break, Wig Pushed Back Further


You know, I’m kinda starting to feel sorry for the lil guy.

Psych! Interscope went and pushed his album back another week. I haven’t heard any official excuse reason yet, but I’m guessing they’re still putting the finishing touches on all of the new songs he had to record over the last month to improve upon the garbage we’ve heard thus far. Oh Curtis, don’t you know that a shit sandwich with mayo is still a shit sandwich?  

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457 Responses to “Curtis Can’t Get Break, Wig Pushed Back Further”

  1. Contraversy Says:

    damn its a lot a 50 haters. Say what you want, but “Curtis” will do between 500k and 700k in his 1st week. Remember, its not how many people buy the album, but how copies the stores purchase.

  2. Bman Says:

    shit sandwich comment is fucking right on. hilarious


    interscope is trying to sabotage 50

  4. Jasmine Says:

    Since its pushed back to the 11th watch keyshia cole outsell him HA!

  5. WHAT! Says:

    Feel Sorry.. You must be a Stupid motherfucker from the south. Ill smack the shit out of your fat MOM. Yes I seen her. Watch your mouth.

  6. RegWrecka Says:

    Didnt Lloyd just drop an album? The only dude dat has an album worth jammin is Buck. Worst track on his shit was tha 1 w/ 50. LOL. Yep he’s rich might be time to retire.

  7. drugking Says:

    fuck 50

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