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Video: USDA – Corporate Thuggin’

This is the only song off this album that I really fucked with at all. (And only Jeezy’s verse.)

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23 Responses to “Video: USDA – Corporate Thuggin’”

  1. BKScribe Says:


  2. yeah me 2 Says:

    O shit 2 thru 5th I’ll b souped

  3. yeah me 2 Says:


  4. mezze Says:

    Production tight. Rhymes Horrible with a capital HORRI!

  5. pockets Says:


  6. dat_grill Says:

    jeezy da realiest.
    numba 5!!!!!



  8. DTL Says:


  9. HHF Says:

    You cant hate on this song…those bright horns are serious

  10. d Says:


  11. skrilla Says:

    somebody hook me up with the mp3 to this joint. I fux wit it

  12. Ja Rule REMEMBER ME Says:

    yeah dis joint is decent

  13. AzIz Says:

    yeah es, i fucks with this song too. jeezy sounds like he was actually trying to rap on this song.

  14. Furiou$tylez...I'm So Chicago Says:

    that cant be a real video…

    they mustve pulled the budget for that bullshit album…

  15. G7 Says:

    bear cheeks

  16. Fait Says:

    yeah album aint tuff at all , flop to me, sucks cock, dogs cock.

  17. hoodtalk.org Says:

    I never been on the trap…..so i can’t relate

  18. gift Says:

    How did you not fuck with “White Girl” off the album. That’s one of the hardest songs out right now, real talk.

  19. Zeezy4Sheezy Says:

    I’m not even a big Jeezy fan but this is the best track I have ever heard him spit on.. Bar None.. I’ve been keeping this on repeat for a hot second now

  20. dameSTAtus Says:

    Crazy coincidence here Eskay, I heard the song for the 1st time last night on some Def Jam “dear summer” promo cd I found at my local Cali “canopy” club (ask). I was thinking the exact same thing. His flow on the track is hungry and new. He’s doing something with his breath that’s noticeable. The only other time I heard him (or anyone) use that technique was on the remix to Fabo’s “Spaceships on Bankhead”. (have it to post, ask). “B__ you better chill, can’t you see I’m froze”.

    Sometimes a generally content-lite artist can bring it back full circle with his delivery and other forms of intangible artistry.

    Ok, you guys go back to talking about the Transformers movie, or whatever is going on today.

    Also, THANK YOU eskay and NR for that link to the DLoad book “20 things to know about online music”. I gave Pops a copy as he’s a amateur producer (in Oakland Cali). We built on that for a while, and I told him to highlight things he didn’t understand like RSS, etc. I love how the 1st chapter sort of debunks the whole “Myspace can make you magically blow up” argument. If you don’t work, you don’t chow down.

    Be Easy NRighters, I’m back to le cubicle’


  21. daily dos: welcome to the ‘hood on mun2 :: Authentic Taco Salads Says:

    […] “Corporate Thuggin,” a new video by Young Jeezy. […]

  22. embark Says:

    This song ends as soon as them other USDA cats get on it.

    But word that 20 things book was a great read.

  23. john614 Says:

    nobody can touch jezzy he iz unstopable lets get it cant touch himand all of the usda gruop they all can spit

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