Curtis XXL Feature

"I knew 50 back when he was Boo, when he used to pump crack on Guy Brew."

A preview of the Curtis cover story from the August XXL is now up. It’s no secret how I feel about Curtis and his antics, but I have to admit that I kinda enjoyed reading this piece. One thing I’ll say about Boo-Boo, even though he makes some suspect comments and questionable artistic decisons, dude is smart as hell. Like, he’s a total asshole, but everything he does and says is calculated for a reaction and a specific outcome. And I can’t help but respect that, just a lil bit.

Anywhoo, as you can see from the pics that accompany the piece, Curt finally manned up and took his ass back to Southside. I can just hear all of his little Stanleys now: "See man! I told you Curtis was still thorough! He’s not afraid to go back to Queens, so take that eskay! You fuckin’ hater!" Of course they don’t know the back story about how XXL had to call in the 82nd Airborne to secure dude for that trip. Ha-ha…I kid of course, but in all seriousness, 50 doesn’t ever go outside. 

Also, the majority of the interesting stuff from this article (the G-Unit shit) didn’t make it online, so you’ll need to actually pick up the issue for that (pause, no promo).

Image by Ben Watts. 

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610 Responses to “Curtis XXL Feature”

  1. el_feces_loco Says:

    i was 4th in the new post but I came back here to be 541st here

  2. nation Says:

    >> proceed to the nearest mirror

    AYYYOOOOOO !!!! new thread

  3. cMac Says:

    Goodmorning folks.

    yo belize u need to holla at the cajun pizza from california pizza kitchen

  4. nation Says:

    >> … 2005 Honda CRV …

    *licks a shot*

    no gun in your mouth

  5. Jamz Says:

    el_feces_loco Says:

    July 9th, 2007 at 7:04 pm
    # Jamz Says:
    July 9th, 2007 at 6:54 pm

    El Feces…what up playa?

    ^^Waddup jamz?..waddit do playa?..It’s hot as a suede bulletproof vest outside…i got the fridge open wid the ac on top dat bitch.

    I might get my keystylin on in a minute..If I get high enuff..

    ^^U right playa, it’s hot as a biyatch today…I don’t know how the slaves did it?

  6. Ja Rule REMEMBER ME Says:

    Like 5o said in the beginning of Beg 4 Mercy,

    “You can be the hardest, we’ll just be the smartest.”

    And he’s showing us that now. Jus cause Cam stay in da hood all the time don’t mean those cats respect you. And yeah where is Cam anyway?




  7. Jeter2 Says:

    50 Isn’t the best rapper he’s just the most interesting one!!!

    He can be a home body thats cool, I’m sure he’s done his share of dirt and is cautious its going to come back on him thats real!! It would be stupid to risk all he’s earned for the sake of keeping it real……

  8. The Don Says:

    If 50 is so wack why does the Negroe have 599 comments in this post,think about it and stop hatin!

    “If u learnt to stop fronting u could learn a lil something’ thats from the man himself on Fully Loaded Clip and yet you guys say he’s wack.

    Anyway most of them haters are fans of Ja,Game,Stlyes P,Camron,ha u call that hip hop its even worse than Bollywood!!!!

  9. ~Bossy yet Classy~ Says:

    Don’t hate….let him do him & congratulate……mayb he is a M.A.D.E N.I.G.G.A…..OR TRYING 2 B ONE

  10. ~Bossy yet Classy~ Says:


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