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Stronger Video Screenshots

Screenshots from Kanye’s new video for Stronger

UPDATE: Miss Info gives a rundown of the screening party. 

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34 Responses to “Stronger Video Screenshots”

  1. nation Says:

    so go ahead, go nuts go apeshit

  2. pockets Says:

    ill do anything for a klondike

  3. pockets Says:

    nation u told me we could do anything whne the times right

  4. nation Says:

    well i’d do anything for a blonde dyke

  5. pockets Says:

    these other nahrighters are triflin, they wont come to the new post cuz they dont wanna give nation’s first any love

  6. B.Payton Says:


  7. pockets Says:

    nation ur making me longer better faster stronger

  8. Two-Times Says:

    is that Cassie in that last pic?…

  9. pockets Says:

    speakin of Ye i found the good version of bittersweet, wayyy better. anyone want the link

  10. wacks Says:

    “is that Cassie in that last pic?…”

    same shit i was thinking

  11. eskay Says:

    >>nation ur making me longer better faster stronger


  12. wacks Says:

    “speakin of Ye i found the good version of bittersweet, wayyy better. anyone want the link”

    yes, yes i do

  13. Rey Says:

    Kanye = Awesome

  14. Two-Times Says:

    50 just gave Bill Gates a loan…

  15. D. Billz Says:

    Shit looks retarded. I know the video is gonna be CRA-ZEE. King of Innovation.

  16. pockets Says:

    hey wacks, here ya go


  17. pockets Says:

    yall r too slow, weve moved on to a new post already

  18. Paperstacker Says:

    Yeah, me too, was wondering if that was cassie. Looks like her. Kanye look like some shit out a video game in the first pic.

  19. green eyes Says:

    is this a hype williams production? kinda looks like one

  20. louiefuse Says:

    who the hell is cassie?

  21. NBHUSTLA Says:

    man first kanye releases trailer for videos….then snippets and arworks for singles….now screenshots for videos? Kanye loves to tease.

  22. Peter Turbo Says:

    da pic with Kanye remind me of Missy Sock it 2 me

  23. Korean Slap Boxer Says:

    That sh*t looks epic!!!!

  24. Small Eyez Says:

    might be a cool video…

    japanimed out…

  25. Dirtdingus Says:

    “i know that god put you in front of me
    so how the hell could you front on me?
    there’s 1000 of you
    there’s one of me”

    Ahh! Ye? what will you say next?

  26. greg Says:

    i just hope corny ass nyc kids dont start wearing those daft punk helmets too…yes im from new york city and broadway would be so much better without the friggin house party rejects

  27. Big Drew Says:

    Yeah.. That’s cassie.. He did shoot it in Japan.. He wears these shades that everybody is probably gonna go get after this video is released.. I was at the prescreening last night.. The video is tight.. And oh yeah.. It is directed by Hype..

  28. diplomatic Says:

    looks like he powering up supersain style

  29. Ja Rule REMEMBER ME Says:

    KanGAY West
    is a HOMO

  30. 40 Inch Says:

    kayne bangin cassie

  31. Astros Says:

    shit looks ultrawack
    leave that japanamine shit to whiteboys plzthx

  32. OHBOY Says:

    casey looks ugly in that picture

  33. Tony Castanada Says:

    This song iz tha best… finally sumthin fresh & new… tha game iz in a mess right now & Kanye duz it again – bwaaaahhhhh!

  34. Tony Castanada Says:

    Kanye duz it again…

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