Saigon vs. Just Blaze: Round 3


UPDATE: Saigon signs with Violator Management 

Saigon put up a post on his Myspace blog this morning in response to Just Blaze’s response to all of the fuckery surrounding the release of his album. It’s nowhere near as long as Just’s response and it basically boils down to Sai not buying the sample clearance explanation. 

Friendly disputes about album politics between rappers and producers on blogs are good for hip-hop.

(That title is just me being sensational, because as you can tell from the mutual respect expressed in both Sai and Just’s posts, these two guys obviously love each other to death. Although, I wouldn’t mind seeing Sai’s arm vs. Just’s Light Saber)  

NOTE: It seems Saigon has removed the post. Luckily, I happen to have a copy of the text here.  

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162 Responses to “Saigon vs. Just Blaze: Round 3”

  1. Two-Times Says:


    all that other shit is irrelevant…
    why don’t you answer the question huh??????????
    You was the one who said, “50 is done…”

    One question: If 50 is done, why would Warner offer him a 4 album/ $98 million deal….

    One answer: Cause 50 runs the rap game…

    Don’t even answer, you lost… you had your chance to answer but wanna get into irrelevant bullshit.. you lost…

  2. D. Billz Says:

    I don’t care if they offer him Illuminati status with the state of Delaware as a bonus. Money can’t buy talent. Nelly gets all kinds of offers. Nuff said.

  3. pockets Says:

    ^Hootie killing rats with a broomstick. Priceless

    ^lmao, that was funny man

    yo eskay u lucky sonamabitch, interviewing pap at juniors. i went to Tech like two blocks away i woulda killed to be interviewin pap. ima diehard pap fan, i gotta meet him one day

  4. nation Says:

    Twooty didn’t eskay tell you not to come around these parts anymore. if not him, i know Curtis can’t afford paying your bandwidth bills anymore. it’s a shame 300 million disappears in thin air these days

    Curtis 06,26.07

  5. pockets Says:

    yo wtf that queens song sucks man

    brooklyn >>>>>>>queens. its not even close. brooklyn has the greatest rappers on earth

  6. pockets Says:

    two times waddup. we know u got mad love for fifty but can u not bring him up during every post. we all have our own favorite rappers too, wat makes u think we all wanna hear about fiddy all the time. ur not gonna change anyones mind. we just hate u now.


  7. nation Says:

    brooklyn is the home of mike, anyone tyson, jordan, basquiat. nuff said

  8. nation Says:

    for that fact… anyone – pick onee: carsten, rooney, welch

  9. pockets Says:

    lol nation waddup theres a new post but fuck it lets straight kill this one

  10. Two-Times Says:

    ha-ha-ha-ha @ the “fuck 50” stans…..

    laughing to the bank

  11. Dubsmith Says:

    Why are you faggits talking about his clothes? Who gives a fuck man, that’s why hip hops dead you idiots you don’t care about the music you care what the mans wearing… Thats some straight homo shit

  12. Game Over Says:

    mofos who can’t spell “prepare” talking about the next man’s fashion choices = unbelievable L.

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