R.I.P. Stack Bundles


By now you may have heard that Far Rock native and Byrdgang affiliate Stack Bundles was shot and killed early today in front of his home. Details are still sparse, but someone at Dipset did confirm to me that Stack did indeed pass away this morning. I’ve never been into Stack too heavy, but prior to his Byrdgang affiliation, he had a notable presence on many a DJ Clue mixtape alongside Fab and Joe Budden.

My favorite performance from him has always been his verse on 6 Minutes of Death off Joey’s Mood Muzik 2. While it was nowhere near Budden’s phenomenal verse, it certainly outshined wack ass Jae Millz contribution. I would always fast forward through Millz on my Ipod, but I would usually listen to Stack’s verse to warm me up for Joey.

Rest in peace homey.  

Joe Budden ft. Jae Millz & Stack Bundles – 6 Minutes of Death 

UPDATE: Details of the shooting emerge, Freekey Zekey issues statement.

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  1. Blacken Studs Says:

    Based on the videos and interviews of the so-called Stack Bundles that I’ve been watching this a.m., he had little to offer but hackneyed, run-of-the-mill rap/hip-hop laced with more “N words” than I heard during the whole “Roots” miniseries, “Glory” or any Richard Pryor concert … combined. This is a hero, a role model? In one segment, perhaps film of him freestyling with Herr Vegas, he boasts about how he’ll kill anybody who f*cks with him. Well … empty words from another empty (now bullet-riddled) head.

    I understand that I can never fully understand the culture from which this and other rappers came/come, but I can spot conspicuous consumption, chest-thumping, lazy speech and all the other hallmarks of deleted scenes from “Idiocracy.” Am I prejudiced? No. I just think people can do better. If getting gunned down is the pinnacle of hip-hop success — a red badge of courage giving you membership in some overblown, over-venerated, over-revered club of cadavers — then it’s like Colonel Kurtz. The horror! Better yet, it’s like the last line of “Bridge on the River Kwai.” MADNESS!

    This illustrates one reason I admired ’80s hair metal icons: They knew they were ridiculous and never acted to the contrary; they were caricatures of themselves and their genre. Rappers would do well to learn from them. I like rap/hip-hop — I think “Doggystyle” is one of the 20 best records ever recorded — but I like it because I approach it as comedy. It’s all so patently ridiculous.

    Which brings us back to Stack Bundles. (I mean, how absurd is that name? Eight-grade sh*t you wrote on your notebook to make yourself feel cool. …) I didn’t know him, and what I’ve seen of him I didn’t like (music-wise, maturity-wise, human-wise). It IS sad that he was killed and that he never had the chance to follow his dream. But with his death, he will forever be frozen in time as a unfinished, underdeveloped project of very little importance. Being important really doesn’t matter; the sad thing is that … Well, wait, would Stack Bundles want us to mourn him? If he walked the walk and talked the talk, he died in glory, to be exulted — a real hip-hop hero! It’s glorious to die in a hale of bullets, representin’ to the bitter end. Like those lauded in “Fur Uns”! Wave the flag high! Stack Bundles got what he had comin’ to him, to die as he lived. Keepin’ it real and keepin’ it ghetto, from his multicolored kicks to his pseudo-blinged-out skull belt to his designer shades. He made the ultimate sacrifice so all of us could live. Corporate America’s best PR men couldn’t have choreographed it any better.

    Not pic-i-nic basket. Pic-i-nic casket!

  2. kdabra Says:

    I’m from the rock but did not know of Stacks personally. But as an artist myself, I have always supported anyone who was trying to do something positive.Anyone who can’t have the decency to at least morn for his family is SICK! Wether you knew the man or not, he was a brother, a son to someone. My heart and my prayers go out to his family, to his team, and to his friends.

  3. unique Says:




  4. tito puente Says:

    its sad this dude died, . Stack spoke a lot of killing dude and doing this and that, its sad that he never uplifted his race but only tore it down with his hateful lyrics. If only he was a more positive person, maybe he would have been here right now. Its sad how people get caught in this whole fake gangster lifestyle and don’t realize most gangsters are dead or jailed. When will yall people stop giving credit to bad influeneces and embrace the positive. Stack was not positive at all, every other word out his mouth in his lyrics was nigga or kill or bitch. Yall people got to wake up and speak the truth, stop acting like this man was a positive. Its just sad that he died in a hail of gun shots, if he knew this day would come, maybe he would have tried to be of help to society instead of degrading his own people for a few bucks. I wish he had a cance to turn over his life to God, a the end, that what matters. In closing, crime doesnt pay, neither does being a gangster, may his family find solace in Christ Jesus.

  5. Da Truth Says:

    sup , this is my first time postin on this site , Just wanted to leave a comment bout that Kid Landord . True ya right when ya say why feel any remorse when ya didn’t know the brother ..then again , if ya didn’t know him or never heard of Stack , why ya sound like ya got hate in ya posts there son?? Is it jealousy? envy? upset cause ya know that when ya go , people wont have anything good ta say bout ya? Stacks was a aiight dude . Shyt , you can go a google search on Stack Bundles and he’ll show up , it was like that even before he was killed.. do a google search on Landlord , and some old white jewish guy pops up.. shyt , I’d be mad too…lol

  6. lilfats98 Says:

    first offf stack bundles was a very talented artist to all yall fucking haters out there …. you just aint fcking beeen to FaR RoCk the home of the real gangsters so for all you cats that are popping all this shit try to even walk around were stack lived as a matter of fact ill even tell al yalll were to go …Redfirn projects homie in far rock maybe then you can c why he got capped because untill then youz are all just running your mouf!





  7. f0f0 escobar Says:

    I just would like to say R.I.P Stack Bundles shit is still unreal, you know i keep it thorough for you my nigga, may you rest in peace, tell Big L, f0 from 139th wats really good my dude

  8. nay4life78 Says:

    I just want to say RIP. I am from the Rock and my peoples were real close to Stack. I knew him from just being around the hood. And always gave him his props because he was doing his thing.

    I am going to say this though…………Greed is ugly……….. When you are living in the hood every hood dream is to leave the hood…….That is what he wanted to do, but you know how stupid people are …………. “if you leave the hood than you are a sellout”…………but what makes it sad is that if you stay you are target. You can win for losing.

    The person(s) who did this I hope they get it 10x harder.

    I’m not the one for the violence but when you do wrong to those who are good, God is definately going to get ’em (TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THIS)

    God Bless his family and all his fans.

  9. Dj OoGz Says:

    Its hard to be on top knowing who’s in back of you!!!!Ima keep it real…he wasa riding around in a porsh..wearing mik coats..and iced out chains in the hood and your the meat for these wolves in the hood…niggas are going to skeem on you!!!!R.I.P Stack….SSSSSQQQQUUAAADDDDD UUUUPPPPP!!!!!!!!

  10. Dj OoGz Says:

    Its hard to be on top knowing who’s in back of you!!!!Ima keep it real…he was riding around in a porsh..wearing mink coats..and iced out chains in the hood and your the meat for these wolves in the hood…niggas are going to skeem on you!!!!R.I.P Stack….SSSSSQQQQUUAAADDDDD UUUUPPPPP!!!!!!!!

  11. yung larry Says:

    Man ….wtf did Bol say? I cant find his blog no where.

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