Curtis Gets His Shit Pushed Back

Well, the summer just got a little cooler. Curtis just got his shit pushed waaaay back to September 4th. I’m guessing the new date is due to the lack of buzz around his three garbage singles. Or at least that’s what Interscope will say, but we all know what really happened. Point Cameron.

"Get my fuckin’ pool in the back." 

UPDATE: What the fuck is wrong with Curt’s face on the new Vibe cover?  

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267 Responses to “Curtis Gets His Shit Pushed Back”

  1. 911 Says:

    Get your pork rib on land…lol…1

  2. Jeter2 Says:



  3. Swag Says:

    # Phuque Says:
    May 25th, 2007 at 6:12 pm

    # Swag Says:
    May 25th, 2007 at 6:08 pm

    Hoodtalk is maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, ahahahahahhaa

    ^^mad at what?

    iono, son typed a thesis paper of excuses about about the Dips

    he lost, bad

  4. k-rob Says:

    when yall laugh and say 50 lost, i really dont get it.this man own 10% of a company that was sold for over 4 billion dollars which means he make at least 400 million. yaou kids think 50 is losing anything?and his album will be mullti no mwtter when it drops cmon.yall sound retarded on this site.those 2 videos he made he got millions from pontiac and promoted his vitamin water.this is the new rap/business and all these cats better learn how to use corp the album got pushed back now what?all of a sudden niggas saying game won?lol how he won when he is still paying 50 cent, you game stans are funny, i wont even mention camrun giles with a pool that i can afford.whenever u say curtis lost take a good look at his situation and tell me if that is a man who lost anything fools.

  5. Seymizzle Says:

    Fuck rappin, 50 is killin it right now. He’ll be laughing strait to the bank with 400 million after this deal.

    I get the feeling some black people don’t like seeing other successful. Crazy.

  6. Lloyd Carr Says:

    whats good bitches

  7. State of Grace Says:

    That’s a good point k-rob, maybe with all that money 50 can buy himself an album that doesn’t suck.
    *hears “up and down and round and round” in the background*
    Maybe not.

  8. dubs Says:

    i laugh at people that go and cop his album

  9. sk Says:

    some1 that runs this blog hates 50, prolly because 50 dont pay for your cheap advertisements, that get his sales nowhere

  10. Gdub Says:

    Everybody gets pushed back man, Lets not forget Game was suppose to be June 6….When did his album finally come out.
    Cam Got Nothing to do with it….Maybe Kanye, and T.I gathering buzz,but Cam…come on now

    …oh yeah 400 million ain’t a bad score from Coca-cola, Don’t think 50’s crying….Still Laughing

  11. Gdub Says:

    Unrelated Spiderman 3 was one of the WORST movies I’ve Ever Seen Period

  12. IBTrippin Says:

    dubs Says:

    May 26th, 2007 at 4:40 am
    i laugh at people that go and cop his album

    Did you laugh when you bought Kingdom Come???

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  15. 305allday Says:

    U have to be either stupid or retarded to this Camron had something to do with 50 pushing his album back. 50’s album is going to be the highest selling album this year his going to sell alot like he always does. Stop hating Camron in no where near 50’s level. Stop the madness

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