Video: Nas ft. The Game – Hustlers (Preview)

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59 Responses to “Video: Nas ft. The Game – Hustlers (Preview)”

  1. NILS Says:

    Nas is the the f*ckin realest.

    Joell Ortiz needs someone like what Fat Joe was to Pun. Then he’ll blow up like the world trade. Dr. Dre ? … i duno , not a good combination I think , we’ll see

  2. skeematics NYC Says:

    i dont know why people are going crazy over this song. The song is just “okay”.. it could’ve been better. Its an over hyped Dre beat.

    They should’v made a video for “y u hate the game”… that song is much better.

  3. louiefuse Says:

    game lost

  4. jajajaja Says:

    fuck Game, he’s way too niggerish, just a dirty stinkin nigger, not a black man, a nigger. believes his own hype, he dont realise its all just WWE

  5. R-FIGGZ Says:

    “Termanology”, “joell Ortiz” and “Big Lou” are the future!!!.

  6. Reece215 Says:

    Want to hear some new different shit, well here it is. Album for sale also!

  7. Anthony Charles Aka Antman Says:

    Yo Thats Real Nas & Game On The Same Side Together From Queensbrigde To Compton

  8. B Says:

    this was posted on april 29th..
    it is now june 13th
    wut da FUCK is takin u MOTHAFCUAKS so long 2 make this videom man..shit

  9. buster Says:

    haha, this shit was finally released last week. where can i get the director’s #? this guy is a real workaholic.

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