Video: Russell Vs. Bill O’Reilly

Russell clarifies his stance on those three words. Bill calls out Cam.

Also: Al Sharpton and Israel Ramirez’s girlfriend on snitching.

Related: Cam issues statement concerning 60 Minutes appearance.

More related: Russell: Stephen Hill of BET came up with that recommendation, not me.

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858 Responses to “Video: Russell Vs. Bill O’Reilly”

  1. Small Eyez Says:

    whattuptho nahright..

    M.O.P you stretchin yo…but somehow this shit might pop for them..

  2. Jeter2 Says:

    Fully Loaded Clip Needs its own Blog before all of NY get up!!

  3. Joe 88 A.K.A No amount of security Says:

    50 Cent fully loaded clip

    ^I can’t front, this shit is kinda hot.

    “When wayne was tellin trina I luv u boo
    she was running game, she told buck that too” (c) cuuurtis

    ^HaHa, she told baby that also.

    What up nah right!!!!!

    *Twist fingers throwing up NR gang signs*

  4. Sh*t Son Says:

    S’up everyone,

    50 is great at creating a Buzz, it does get excitin before he drops but ive thto both songs he’s dropped have been pretty borin, honestly i look forward to his interview more than his music these days

  5. Joe 88 A.K.A No amount of security Says:

    New post please? I’m tired of seeing russell big ass face everytime I submit a comment

  6. Soul Clapper Says:

    What it do Nah?

    Raekwon – “You know what’s so crazy too? There is a beat out there flying around that I got the whole Clan on. It’s a J Dilla beat, but I guess J Dilla, he must have been shopping the beat before I snatched it. The beat is out there though. I m seeing people playing and listening to it and I’m laughing because they don’t even know that I put the whole Clan on that beat and the shit sounds crazy.”

    ^I would punch my own mother in her mouf to hear that joint.

  7. $***M-ROC***$ Says:

    why are people still even listening to this fucking hack?

    dude got busted sexually harassing a woman he worked with, talking all this shit about dildos and cocaine and shit….then he gets busted for posession of something ( i think)…WHO CARES WHAT HE SAYS ABOUT ANYTHING?

    even talking about this shit just lends him credibility in the media. fuck bill o’reilly.

  8. | Hip-Hop On A Higher Level | » Saving grace Says:

    […] 1. Russell Simmons went on Bill O’Reilly’s show and didn’t get called the funk out. I don’t agree with everything he says, but you really have to admire Rush for being able to command Bill O’Reilly’s respect. I have no idea how he managed a rapport that verges on friendliness with that man, but it’s nothing short of impressive. […]

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