XXL Canibus Interview


We just threw up this Canibus Q&A over at the 9-to-5 and I thought you ‘bags would get a kick outta this:

The album is 17 tracks and “Poet Laureate Infinity” is the grand finale on the album. There are 1,000 bars in that track and due to the way it’s layered, it’s an infinite rhyme. When you mix it and spread it throughout five channels, [you have the ability] to mix the track differently every time. Because when you hear the mix, whichever one you hear, you are only listening to one layer at a time. But there are four other layers there. You are only going to be hearing 200 bars per record. But at any moment and every moment, there are 800 bars that you’re not listening to. So I’ve created something that’s never been done before. Every time it’s mixed, you’ll hear a different song.

Poet Laureate I and II were off the planet lyrically, but wow, is it really that serious? Hopefully I’ll be getting my hands on this in the next few days, so I guess we’ll find out then.  

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374 Responses to “XXL Canibus Interview”

  1. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    is it so corny in here you niggas is bigging up little mo?
    damn landlord loves ’em darkskin.
    fantasia’s dsl>lil mo’ dsl.(got a little rule on ’em)

  2. Foekist Says:

    ^Glad you came to your senses. Just don’t know why it takes an interrogation chair and a light bulb for you to admit it.


    what are you talkin about? I don’t buy OR download that “this is why i’m hot”-type madness. But if I’m in the club and dancing on a breezy, you would think it was my favorite song.

  3. D. Billz Says:

    green eyes Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 4:50 pm
    But at some point, ratonale and logic must be implemented before people just base shit off of a whirlwind of emotions and feelings (c) women.

    ^ who didnt blow you off proper this weekend Mr Billz?

    ^Ha! Not only is Ms. Cristal bout to be the best your city has to offer since Rick Ross (smh), but ummm… she left you a message too… http://www.myspace.com/mscristal

  4. Two-Times Says:

    ‘hater get lost……..I’m in the air, I don’t hear niggas corny raps’

  5. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    and speaking of game i just found and old issue of blender from 03
    back when wanksta was banging and right before get rich dropped
    and there’s an add for pony sneakers with game and porn chick mercedez(who i love big up big ass mexican chicks) and guess what??
    game had no tatoo’s a funny mustache and no tear drop under the left eye. which means his tear drop tatoo(which signifies a murder) was put on his face in 04-05.stop repping fake niggas

  6. Foekist Says:

    hater get lost……..


    Hov’s verse in that song was absolutely disgusting. It must be pretty tough to maintain lyrical prowess once you get to the point where you can say just about anything and people will bob their head to it just because of who you are.

  7. green eyes Says:

    ” ho you just mad
    h-h-ho you just mad ”

    no i aint.

    Billz, i need to holla at your wifey jean grae though, you got any connects?

  8. Foekist Says:

    tear drop tatoo(which signifies a murder)


    You trying to insult me homie!? I seen the movie Southcentral, I know what a tattoo tear drop mean homie.

  9. Two-Times Says:


    ^ Jim Jones talking shit about Young French for releasing that Cocaine City DVD of the Rucker

    Evidently Capo real mad about that footage getting at… He’s talking crazy at Fenchy saying “you getting bombed robbed, there is reprucisisons….

    Calls Jay-Z a ‘dwebe’ and Kayne a ‘twerp’…..

    it’s hiliraous….

  10. D. Billz Says:

    Foekist Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 5:00 pm
    tear drop tatoo(which signifies a murder)


    You trying to insult me homie!? I seen the movie Southcentral, I know what a tattoo tear drop mean homie.

    ^Lmao @ movie references

  11. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    my new top ten for this week.
    1 young buck-say it to my face
    2 young buck-lose my mind
    3 peedi krakk/jazzy jeff-brand new funk
    4 freeway/skillz-you dont know
    5 trent/guzman-50 shots reply to police
    6 prodigy-mac 10 handle
    7 buck/50-hold on
    8 paul wall/lil keke-break ’em off
    9 that lip gloss song(i like it ,its bullshit)
    10 tony yayo/mazaradi/snoop-its a stick up

  12. Foekist Says:

    Evidently Capo real mad about that footage getting at… He’s talking crazy at Fenchy saying “you getting bombed robbed, there is reprucisisons….


    How he gonna get mad at dude for putting out real footage? It would be different if dude modified the footage to make him look worse, take it like a man (c) Elton John

  13. Two-Times Says:


    what mixtapes you jammin lately??… I’m still bumping that ‘Finally Off Papers’ shit…

  14. BKScribe Says:

    history channel… moon landing conspiracy… HOLLA

  15. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    ey yo foekest what set you claim???
    biggumskiller reps the teevee set!! couch potatoes nigga! we real killers.
    and jim jones been threatening frenchy since that sub zero dvd with lil cease. nigguh

  16. BKScribe Says:

    my bad.. national geographic**

  17. Two-Times Says:

    move over to the next thread….. or get bucked up…lol

  18. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    i hardly listen to rap anymore. i just listen to tapes of myself playing the gee-tar and singing imaginary love songs to green beans over dere.
    grill talk. to be honest i still listen to cut master c best of 50 from like 2002 and yayos mixtape from 05.

  19. Two-Times Says:


    I told you like 2 months ago, that Buck was going to get a XXL cover, but you were saying that 50 said fuck elliot wilson…. it don’t matter cause 50 got that right hand man, Jimmy Iovine…

  20. Sour D. Says:


  21. Paperstacker Says:

    It’s offical, THIS NIGGA GAY!!!!! He mentions niggas asses a lil too much in his music, first no one had the skill to eat a nigga ass like him, now the loser of a battle gets iron objects stuffed in there ass, GTFOH. He’s a faggot for real, only homo’s think of shit like that


    Damn, calm down homie, you sound like you might have broke a couple keys typing that shit. Why are you so mad?

  22. nation Says:

    i don’t get it

  23. Boosie Says:

    you cant deny lil wayne’s talent and progression. People hate on lil wayne all day for a combination of things. He is from the south, which the music quality is not really good. His weird affiliation with his daddy- Baby. His over cockiness and the ghostwriting incident.
    Also people are mainly envious that he got better all of sudden and has skills that no one cant deny.
    Plain and simple if you are a hater you are a hater of who he is and what he has done and not of his rapping skills perse

    Joe budden is hot and we all know that he just is not focused enough to make all encompassing music. It’s more than just being a rapper and bodying beats. Joe budden has good techinical skills but, but on style points he lacks.
    Why are you blaming Hov? Budden can get out of the deal. Dont you think Hov would grant him that? But fuck it, its not even One man that is holding him back. Buddens is holding himself back. Blaming ONE man for your unsuccessful life is rediculous.

    Everyone is on this blame hov shit, just because he is an easy target. How much control does hov have? lol. This shit is funny to me
    How is Sean P getting more exposure than buddens? He has good work ethic. Buddens work ethic is just simply not that good. He is too busy trying to mingle and eat pussy and show up at def jam parties, and fuck with video chicks.

    He got all the talent in the world and HE aint doing nothing. (dont blame hov)

  24. esbee Says:

    I think hip hop needs cats like ‘bus who can push the envelope of lyricism further, yeah in the current climate nobody really cares about stuff like that, well at least NOT that many but I think its interesting and its not necessarily a bad thing. If the beats are dope I think it could be pretty good..

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