Jadakiss – Gangstas Salute

This is the joint Kiss did with dude from Brooklyn, Super Nova Slom. More info here. This has supposedly been floating around for a while, but this is the first time I’ve come across it.

Jadakiss and Super Nova Slom – Gangstas Salute

Slom-free version here 

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108 Responses to “Jadakiss – Gangstas Salute”

  1. nation Says:

    the jeri curl is dripping on the new post

  2. EnglandRepresent Says:

    lol!!! Hootie lost (c) eskay

  3. souljaskitz Says:

    >>>EnglandRepresent Says:

    >>>March 12th, 2007 at 5:50 pm
    What up what up Nah?

    Yup yup Jada kills it. I slept on Jada’s skills for a minute until I heard that first LOX – Money, Power, Respect joint, the dude is ill.

    NAME A JADA VERSE B4 HE WAS EVEN ON THE LOX WIT THAT ALBUM! england rep… lol ur a joker

  4. hoodtalk.org Says:

    Yo Nation and Sour D. thanks for typing about me when I’m not here…You know you doing something WRITE(RIGHT) when you got people you don’t know in real life from different parts of the world that I’m really not used to (i.e. Sour D is from New Jersey Suburbs, Nation is from Montreal the center of Science Exposition and Frenchie Fags) talking about me, searching my vids, looking at my pics, looking to find info on me at all costs.

    Yes I was on Change of Heart, but I wasn’t looking like a lame like The Game…

    I mean anybody can get on Change of Heart, its easy and not that hard. Plus I was fresh and straight pimpin bitches and hoe mackin..ya dig?

    Soon I’m going to be on MTV’s NEXT….Its all publicity…
    I got deals on the table….I got advertisements wanting to advertise on my site, but I denied it because I’m too hood to sell out…

    I got a site where bitches get exposed as soon as they turn 18, I got site that has free porn of any movie…I get music and movies way before you do…(oh yeah if you want to download that 300, the new movie with Leonidas, go to my site)

    You got to get to where you gotta get..And it don’t matter how you get there…as long as you get there..If you gotta step on a couple of bunyans and smack a few kufis then thats what you gotta do…

    But don’t forget…man…I do what I gotta do…but I WILL NEVER…EVER…NEVER….EVER…NEVER…forget where I’m from…and thats the hood…

    Just because you went on Change of Heart doesn’t mean you soft or frail…Buck and G-Unit got your minds brainwashed..

  5. pHalltheway Says:

    funny thing i thought/and still think hootie is a big ass clown BUT I can’t be mad at this dude. he got everybody up in here going to his website and watching his videos on youtube. Sad day but a clown called hootie wins. Hootie = Bitch made nigga that got other niggas talking (n/h)

  6. Sniper Loc Says:

    i heard this a couple months ago except on big mike mixtape
    neva hurd da full version but its aight

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