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Redman – Gimme One


Redman – Gimme One (Prod. by Pete Rock) 

I got a chance to hear the album on Wednesday, and it bangs in typical Brick City fashion. 

FYI – Def Jam is holding a competition where fans can create and submit a 15 second promo commercial for the album and potentially win a new MacBook laptop and a customized Red Gone Wild XBOX 360.

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16 Responses to “Redman – Gimme One”

  1. D-Dot Says:

    First maing!

  2. nessnice Says:


  3. nation Says:

    eskay… check gtalk

  4. 789 Says:

    What the fuck is this?! Garbage!

  5. mgg Says:

    i like this….

  6. G7 Says:

    doc get 5 on the mic like Joe Jackson

    Red is killin’ em right now

  7. Soprano Says:


  8. GoodFellaz Says:

    March 27th baby, can’t wait, red the 11th member of wu tang.

  9. zoid Says:

    can’t wait for a new red album but damn … that cover is ugly

  10. wes Says:

    He’s making exceptional records right now. Always loved his since album 1, but who would’ve thought he’d be one of the top mcs in 2007 when Whut?! Thee Album came out?

    and yes, what an ugly ugly cover lol

  11. pockets Says:

    it looks like pharrel designed that cover

  12. Jeter2 Says:

    Red is back with that HEAT!!!! I really like this cut instead of being mad at the system like meth was he just tightened his shit up and came back like only red could come back. The cover is classic and true to redman and it really seems like the internet is really pushing the hell out of this project which is good…..

    COOL SONG!!!

  13. D. Billz Says:

    Fresh. Waitin’ for the album.

    CL Smooth just need to apologize so that he and Pete can make crack like this.

  14. Korean Slap Boxer Says:

    The cover is straight outta mario bros. on some hood shit. Red albums gonna be crazy, I just hope Def Jam doesn’t get fugazy if the sales aren’t there

  15. KC Says:

    i would grab it cuz redman is always on point with the rhymes/red is the shit fasho/he brings the real essence to hip hop to show that it isnt dead/i got every redman album and can listen to the whole thing back to back

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