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Lyrical Douches

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40 Responses to “Lyrical Douches”

  1. illroots Says:


  2. Phuque Says:


  3. KC Says:

    this will always be a hot song

  4. JOFFE JO Says:


    ^^^^^^New mick boogie biggie mix tape

  5. FatBoY Says:

    What y’all know bout this……………………………………………

    I neva knew niggas
    neva had a clue
    on who Was the king of the Street
    4 deep
    In the range rover jeep
    Gunz under da seat
    And my nigga just came home
    From work release
    Cristal in my lap
    Chronic in the air
    *Nigga pass dat shit, like you just don’t care*[Da Brat]
    You on my shit list
    Biggie burn spliffs
    When I’m pissed
    Release the rolex from yo wrist
    No human being
    Korean or European
    Be seeing, What Big be seeing
    I leave them peeing
    in they draws
    Because Biggie Smalls
    is far from weak
    Brat tat tat please speak
    *Nigga close yo eyes cuz you already see the notorious BRAT*
    Nigga I’m the raw combination
    The destination
    Number One Tote a Gun
    Wit no Hesitation
    Live wit the funkdafied Cutie pie
    Gat by the thigh
    The smalls by her side
    If you fuck wit her
    You got to fuck wit me
    and We’ll be rapping at yo

  6. FatBoY Says:

    MOTHERFUCKING EULOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. QDotSmith Says:

    waddup waddup

  8. J Says:


  9. Two-Times Says:

    J Says:

    March 9th, 2007 at 6:38 pm

    ^ For real….. All these rappers nowadays are garbage….

    BIG = King of New York (forever)

  10. bxconnect Says:

    big flipped this isley brothers sample like no other.

  11. Paperstacker Says:


    BIG was a lyrical genius, even today, 10 years later, his influence is seen in countless rappers who still bite his lyricsl.

  12. JOFFE JO Says:

    countless rappers who still bite his lyricsl.

    ^^^^^Jigga man

  13. G7 Says:

    JOFFE JO Says:

    March 9th, 2007 at 6:01 pm

    ^^^^^^New mick boogie biggie mix tape


    *daps Joffe and disappears into thin air*

  14. KC Says:

    its more biting these days then ther ever was/it use to be wrong to bite another persons lyrics now they try to say they are showing love to them/i guess it depends on how you use it but people are making so much off biggies lyrics and jay has done it a lot but also there are other people doing the same/its too much of the same thing going on

  15. Blitzpro Says:

    Classic video. Nell’s (video location) used to be my spot before it closed back then.

    R.I.P. Big

  16. nation Says:

    nah right’s bandwidth holds less weight than bol’s neck

  17. nation Says:

    i’m pretty sure jay is gonna call hot 97 at 10

  18. nation Says:


    ^ pap on fox news

  19. FatBoY Says:

    On top of all that
    I’m So, So
    Remarkable Flow
    Letting Motherfuckers know
    Aint a MC
    Coming close to thee
    Notorious B.I.G.

    Still true to this day. Niggas aint touching him a decade later.

  20. green eyes Says:


  21. pockets Says:

    thanks for that pap link hes one of my favs rite now

    o yea big we miss u of course

    jays keeping ur throne warm but itll always be urs BKKKKKK

  22. Samantha Says:

    Between Jay-Z and a few other artists biting BIG’s rhymes all the time, the greatest hits cds, and people mentioning BIG and his albums in their greatest of all time lists, it feels like I can’t even miss BIG. It’s almost like he never left, in my opinion.

  23. HennyCognac Says:

    “Live from Bedford Stuyvasant the livest one!”
    Never be another………..

  24. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Had to come through and show the GOAT some love……………

    R.I.P. Big Poppa

    You’re whole crew’s vagina
    You and your co-signer

  25. nation Says:

    eskay check your mail, you have a full day of posts there

    2 day long biggie celebration

  26. nation Says:


    ^ jay on the hot 9

  27. Jon Says:

    u should just make your own website

  28. nation Says:

    >> u should just make your own website

    how many times i gotta tell you… i’m not a blogger. i’m just nice with it

  29. nation Says:

    ^ And to my hit hoes, my murder mommies
    I be smokin trees in Belize when they find me
    While you still killin niggaz with punany, like heiny
    and Cyrus up in Cypress fuck you raw you on the floor with the virus
    While I just, slang coke, smoke pounds to choke
    Got lawyers watchin lawyers so I won’t go broke, now check it

  30. E From BK Says:

    B**** you better talk to him; before this fist put a spark to him; fuck around shit get dark to him; put a part through him; lose a major part to him; arms….legs

  31. nation Says:

    you fucking onion head bastid

  32. Two-Times Says:


    ^ they got all the hot 97 interviews of people calling in on BIG…. (Game, Buck, TI, Fabolous, Jim Jones, etc)

    How come they can’t get any of BIGGIES boys to call in? Like Cease or D-Roc…. What the fuck is Young Jeezy and Game calling in for? They fucking didn’t even know BIG…

  33. J Says:


    Success in my circle, try to break it I’ll hurt ya

  34. nation Says:

    >> What the fuck is Young Jeezy and Game calling in for? They fucking didn’t even know BIG…


  35. david Says:

    hit em up is way better

  36. nation Says:

    hit em up is good, but tupac isn’t

  37. Two-Times Says:

    suge is broke…..hahaha

    diddy is worth like $300 million

    Who won?…. Guess all that bully-shit ain’t work, huh Suge?

  38. nation Says:

    nice guys finish last

  39. Two-Times Says:

    BIG would slap the shit outta Jim Jones for wearing “king of NY” shirt…

  40. FatBoY Says:

    Here’s just an example of why today’s current rappers aint messing with BIGGIE.

    See what’s up wit my peeps
    Toyato deal-a-thon
    Had it cheap on the jeeps
    See who got smoked…
    What rumors were spread
    Last I heard
    I was dead
    Wit six to the head
    That’s when I got the call
    It couldn’t hit me harder
    We go infiltrated
    Like Nino, At the Carter
    I heard Tech got murdered
    In some town I neva heard of
    Ova some bitch named Alberta……..

    And my bitch
    Swear to God she won’t snitch
    I told her when she hit the bricks
    I’m make the hooker rich
    She’ll be home in 3
    Till then I looks out
    for the whole family
    A true G
    That’s me
    Blowing like a bubble
    In the Everyday Struggle

    *Classic Material*

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