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Video: Fat Joe – Make It Rain (Remix)

Featuring R. Kelly, T.I., Ace Mack, Baby, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross.

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52 Responses to “Video: Fat Joe – Make It Rain (Remix)”

  1. Phuque Says:


  2. Phuque Says:


  3. killa jones Says:

    lil wayne is one scary lookin motherfucker

    out of a horror movie type shyt

  4. TruDat Says:

    The real “Weatherman”: http://www.myspace.com/swordz904

  5. J Grilla Says:

    …and they kissers

  6. Phuque Says:

    he kinda resembles one of those ball-and-chain things from the Super Mario Bros. games…

  7. Phuque Says:


  8. Phuque Says:


  9. Bossalinie Says:

    Chipmunk with a wig on

  10. Bossalinie Says:

    Chipmunk with a wig on

  11. Bossalinie Says:

    Is it me or does anyone else miss gillie da kid ghost writing for that ugly ass boy

  12. DES Says:

    at least wayne spits on this one.

  13. GET Says:

    This nigga really thinks he’s from the south now.

    Fat Joe – Me Myself & I – 154,416 (With a hit single)

    Thats what you get nigga.

  14. cblock Says:

    LOL @ Rick Ross throwing a money ball at a hater and make it rain on his head.

  15. DES Says:

    actually Joe’s flow kills it though. Could have done without Kells, Baby, Ace whatever and even TI.

  16. 911 Says:

    Damn I missed a bunch of ugly mofos talking about they looks…..smh…..realizes most of the nahright staff is ugly ducklings that didn’t mature….we need a board….Nas is a hip hop historian….single digit weather got me seriously contemplating a move down south….not cool…smh @ clubs on Mondays…I need a intervention….whoever posted that Charlie Murphy shit….cheers…..”michael jackson why is yo face white and yo ass black” {nh}…lol…”every guy got a night when he was boning….when you actually thought to yourself I got a pretty good chance of killing this bitch”…*dies*…make it rain on them hoes…..1

  17. jl3969 Says:

    Kels is the best part of this song. He turned it into a whole nother monster. how can you not love a dude that can ad-lib ‘them hoooooooooooooes’ with that much passion?

  18. ninja pleaze Says:

    LOL @ R. Kelly being in the “Make it Rain” remix.

    You know he know he know how to make it rain on girls. I ain’t talkin’ bout no stacks of cash.

  19. nation Says:

    smh @ the trolls around here

  20. Sour D. Says:


  21. Sour D. Says:

    Girl, I wanna piss on you.


  22. Sour D. Says:

    drip drip drip, piss on you.

  23. 911 Says:

    Craka ass crakas quick to try and claim ownership….smh…..let me stop with the rhetoric…..whud up Sour….y’all b ez…..flatline.

  24. EBLOCK Says:


  25. Sour D. Says:

    smh @ myself. i got a microeconomics test tommorow @ 8 and i’m sittin here smokin a clip with no knowledge of anything related to the course.

    *waits for screen to come on saying “Sour D. is my anti drug”*

  26. Sour D. Says:

    another procastinator (sp?)



    SMH @ Fat Joe there’s a difference between showing the south love and dickriding the south

    Why didn’t Fat Joe put the version that had Omar Cruz on this one? C’mon Joey Crack show some love to your fellow latinos.(no slick pulla)

  28. Pimpin Ken Says:

    What’s really hood

  29. Stayhigh Says:

    Kells part was the shit the money was convering the WHOLE! bed

  30. cblock Says:

    Ace Mack isn’t bad, like a better version of twista

  31. nation Says:

    whoever didn’t just get an e-mail from me should be feeling a certain way

    joffe jo get at me with your new email

  32. bear Says:

    The features didn’t mesh well together. Such a clear rip off the ballin remix.

  33. nation Says:

    that video was horrible, and not because the remix is trash or because the original wasn’t all that good… because the video was obviously filmed by a 12 year old, and because they all think they’re so fly. fat joe thinks he’s styling on someone with the hoodies.

    smh @ fat joe giving scott storch a TS chain just to get his whip for a video


  34. nation Says:

    >> The features didn’t mesh well together. Such a clear rip off the ballin remix.

    neither did the holla at me baby joint that was clearly ripped off by anything else khaled touched on

  35. nation Says:

    they spent so much money making it rain, they forgot they were actually filming a video

  36. Pffffft Says:

    The Rap Industry Must Think The Consumer Is A Brainless Neianderthal Easy Impressed By T&A and Bling…Note To Rap Industry: Your Garbage Isn’t Selling Like It Use To So No One Is Buying Into The “Become A Rapper Get Rich” Dream Anymore…On A Side Note, Saw Fat Joe @ The James Toney Fight Don King Put On Last Month…Dude Looked Like A Broke Butta Ball In The “Cheap Seats”…Joey Crack Is A B-List Rapper And C-List Celeb.

  37. Korean Slap Boxer Says:

    Fat Joe’s been over since Pun (R.I.P.) passed away. This is the worst attempt at a “Ballerific” music video. First he has Alize as status symbols of wealth, what happened Crack can’t afford the Cris no more. Then the worst green screening I’ve seen on tv next to NY1’s weather report. He put Fonzworth Bentley in the video whose 15 seconds ended almost two years ago. I bet this track was all personal favors because its obvious the TS production budget is small. I give Fat Joe 6 months left on life support.

  38. @.r.t. Says:

    154k, but his ass is on an independent label!!!

  39. Mr.Londoner Says:

    ha ha a rick ross and fat joe, the biggest guys in the industry??

  40. pockets Says:

    that woman with r. kelly is twenty years too old for him


    damn, it just gets worse and worse. Please eliminate this wackness.

  42. frank lee speakin aka the grand wizard Says:

    these cats look like characters from the great space coaster (no gary gnu)


  43. ger Says:

    my dick >>>>>>>>this video

  44. thatbrooklyncat Says:

    ……looks like the balling remix….. when is fat joe gonna stop screaming CRACK in everone of his songs… smh

  45. CHRIS Says:


  46. wes Says:

    it’s weird hearing r. kelly saying “make it rain.”

    and im out

  47. Saddam"2Pac"Mirza Says:

    first of all i thought this was gon b gd but when i heard r kells i was like im out i knew it was gon b whack n it was mayne them mofos is posers they need me on the track nawimeen westside outlaw badboykilla 91 represent

  48. john doe Says:

    Fat Joe comes weaker then the original, but at least he is last

  49. D. Billz Says:

    Ok… sooo, ummm… Lil’ Weasel shits on Pharrell’s relevance to hip hop, yet he is clad in skater wear. Either way, I can’t back those 30 seconds of my life.

    Hope you didn’t think I was gonna watch that whole video…

  50. D.N.(The Kufi Smacker) Says:

    I shouldn’t watch this, i already heard some fools bumping this out of their whip and thats all i need to ever hear from this song. A video……no thanks.

  51. Paperstacker Says:

    This video is beyond garbage. Either way Kells and TI killed the shit, them niggas are the only people worth listening to on the song.

  52. Hip Hop since 79' Says:

    Yo! Why! Why!

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